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Awesome finds!

Found this really cool idea in one of my magazines, loved it! Haven't used it yet but I'm planning to. I wouldn't suggest all the liquor but the idea is super cool.
It's an old yard rake repurosed for all sorts of tasks, pretty nifty and thrifty!

Okay so another, remember the postcards I was buying and selling to make money to take Dear 'ol Mom to the northwest to see the Sequoia Trees, well I'm on my way. Actually the postcards didn't go over great, I did sell a few but barely broke even. I have recently started buying and selling pins, like lapel pins and you wouldn't believe it but there's a market for those little thinggys. Here are a few I found and sold.
Loved this Stan and Oliver pin with their names in Croatian. Also Olympic pins sell pretty good too. Here are a few I found and sold. Actually the Mom fund is up to about $50. I know it's not a lot but it's a start and I have a year and half to make more before furlough.

Hey look what I found at the open market. This handy dandy little cabinet. It's the perfect size and is gonna look super cute when I finish sanding and finishing it and add the new pulls I got at IKEA. Not sure if I'm going to stain it or maybe paint it, can't decide. Anyhow, not to keen on the glass, printed doors so I'l still thinking about those.

Other than those, I haven't found too much more. Did find a lady with tons of antique laces and trims for dirt cheap but I haven't used the last meters I bought for dirt cheap so I resisted.

Anyhow, I still have the wonking big closet in the garage that needs to be done and now I have added my little cabinet, I better get busy!


  1. Oh I adore the cabinet and in WHITE with the glass doors would be lovely!!! It reminds me of the windows in an English Cottage!! Put some Hydrangea flowers (see my blog header!) behind the glass and ooooh show off so pretty.


  2. I didn't know rakes could be used for more then one thing. That is cool. Also I loved the little pins they are so cute.

  3. Love the ideas for the rake! - especially for the ties. If it is easily grabbed off the wall or door, it would make a handy dandy weapon incase of an intruder too! LOL!

  4. That cabinet is adorable. Who knew what you could do with a rake!

  5. That rake may work in a very rustic house but well, must say it´s very rustic. ;)
    love the idea of saving money. that´s great you are working to take your Mom out to the Sequoias! that will be awesome!
    love the desk. It has potential.
    So glad to see you back blogging.
    Just saw your prayer card yesterday at a fellow missionaries house. Cool! I was like " I know them!" well, sort of. jeje

  6. Just stopped by to say I'm starting anew on my blog. I have been down for a long time now, but now things are looking better. I pray that you and your family has been well.

  7. ADORABLE ideas for those rakes! Thanks for sharing, Tori!

    P.S. I know what you mean about trying to find a balance between the blogging world and the social networking world... it's HARD! (at least for gals like us, I guess) Either way, it's been great getting to know you through both worlds :o)

  8. Well can you believe I figured how to make myself a follower. I did have help from my husband for the picture. I love the glass doors!!! If it wouldn't cost so much to ship I'd want to buy it from you. Hope you are enjoying you vacation.

  9. WOW some great uses, this old Country girl sure has lots of them old rakes laying around too, thanks Tori, this is great, and I love your blog, looking to Jesus author and finisher of my faith..
    Maybe you would like to visit my blog too, have a very blessed day.


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