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Blue Jean Quilt

Okay so here's the quilt you've all been asking about. It's not finished of course, I still have to bind the edges. I haven't done the edges yet because I honestly don't know how. *Ü*
I used all my boy's old jeans to make this quilt. I love the feel of jean material, especially in the winter. It's going to be a very warm blankie when the snows start this winter.

Hopefully I can get it finished soon, maybe if I stop starting other projects I can maybe finish this one. *Ü*


  1. It's so nice! I love the way you've arranged the squares, in the Trip Around the World pattern. Very nice! I made a jean quilt once, but didn't put the squares in any sort of pattern.

  2. Tori, your quilt is beautiful. It has such a country flare to it. I love it. And it's such a great idea too. Wish I could help you on the binding, but I know nothing about that either. :( Thank you for sharing the picture of it with us. :)


  3. Wow, that came out really nice. I have heard that jean quilts are really heavy, is it? I hope you are able to get much use out of it soon.

  4. Tammy,
    So that's what that pattern is called, hum.. I didn't know it was a pattern already. There goes my originality. *Ü*

    Well at least I'm not alone in not knowing how. *Ü*

    It is pretty heavy, but that's okay because winters in Croatia get pretty nippy, -15 sometimes.

  5. It's beautiful!! You did a great job and it is going to be so warm when you snuggle up in it this winter.

  6. Very pretty! This would make a cute baby quilt...I'm going to have to start saving jeans :)

  7. Tori,

    It's beautiful! You are very talented.

  8. Talented???
    No I just basically stuck the pieces together, no talent needed. *Ü* Oh yea and it's not finished yet.


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