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To Do Tuesday

Hey Guys, it's Tuesday again and, can you believe, the 2nd of February already? Yep, it's crazy how fast we fly from one season to the next. I know it's still winter but they're already saying that winter is over for us. That's absurd here; we usually have a full, and somewhat white winter heading all the way into April and sometimes May. Hey I'm not complaining. Today I worked in the yard in 60+ weather, GLORIOUS!

One thing that doesn't change is To Do Tuesday. There's always something needin' done around here.

Now that winter is over, (I'm almost scared saying that for fear I'll jinx myself and snow will fall tomorrow, even though I don't believe in jinxing, still) and some green is already starting to peek out of the cold ground I'm looking until planting!! I know for my area I really shouldn't be thinking about this yet but the warmth has reminded me that I had planned on starting seeds indoors this year. I love flowers of all kids and I love to be surrounded by them in the summer so I'm gonna save some Kuna (Croatian currency) and start my flowers indoors instead of spending a ton for them at the local garden store. I've been looking around at the options for starting seeds indoors and there's a big debate; To Light or Not To Light.
I found a great article at A Return to Simplicity about starting seeds without lights, which I'm probably gonna do since it's so warm here but if you're interesting in a light system and the how-tos then check out the article here on Grow a Good Life.  So today for To Do Tuesday my number one is:

1. Start seeds indoors. 
I actually need to go buy some more but I bought a few at Walmart last time       we were in the States.
Oh yea and I've been planning what to plant my little seedlings in. I've been         saving TP roll tubes, but since there's only two of us now that's a slow go so I I've also starting saving all my bio degradable egg cartons. So, I should be set. There is a good article over at Premeditated Leftovers about 5 Frugal Ways to Start Seeds Indoors.

2. Start, just start on this amazing quilt!

Cristina over at Pretty Little Quilts made this amazing Texas quilt and anyone who knows me know's that no matter how long I'm away from home I'll always be a Lone Star Gal. Not only did she make this amazing quilt she also a Deep in the Heart of Texas Quilt A Long. It's really an amazing idea and so fun to see what each lady has done with their area. 

So, there's my ambitious #2. That's why I set the goal of at least starting, it's gonna be ah-mazing! 

3. Clean my kitchen cabinets! Ooh, this one's not as glamorous but I really need to get it done. So, maybe tomorrow and now that I've included a photo I really don't have a choice, kinda shot myself in the foot with that one!

4. Buy a sweet Valentines gift for a missionary wife in Budapest. Johnny's been invited to preach a Valentines banquet for a friend (he's an expert) and we'll be headed up there in two weeks and don't want to go empty-handed. 

5. Find a special gift for my best friend who recently lost her mother.

6. Order our middle son's wedding invitations, that's my job. I almost can't believe that it's already time for my children to be married but it is and I'm old!

So, that's my To Do Tuesday for the first week of February. What's on your list?

Ministry Monday

Okay so I'm starting a new thing here at Home Away From Home; Ministry Monday. Every Most Some Monday's I'm going to post about ministry related topics.

If you came and looked around my blog you may not immediately realize that we are missionaries here in Croatia but we are and that's the most important part of our lives.  Sometimes I forget to post about ministry because it not longer seems special but it just seems like life. Don't get me wrong, it's always special when a soul reaches out for Jesus and accepts Him as their own, personal Savior; that never gets old but ministry does tend to get commonplace when it's an every day thing. So, to keep things here a true representative of who I am, I'm vowing to post more about the ministry starting today.

I thought I would start with a huge ministry help I've Johnny recently found. We were in desperate need of flannel graphs or visuals for our SS and Gypsy children's meeting. Shipping here from the States can be crazy expensive so that wasn't really an option. Johnny started searching and found an incredible treasure trove of visuals online at This organization has the most amazing hand drawn Bible visuals and they are totally free to use. They offer the visuals in many different formats and even provide a story board for each story.

Today I'm teaching about Noah and they have a whole storyboard for Noah's ark.

Aren't they beautiful! They also have many of the stories that aren't drawn but are actually people. They are amazing.

Look at these from the story of Potifer's wife. Aren't they amazing? I love how the people are true to the ethnicity of the Jews and people of the time and land. 

We print them and then laminate them for longevity. The story boards are great too. We add them to the back of the image and them laminate. It's a great quick quide if needed. 

FreeBibleImages is a great resource for anyone who teaches the Bible. As a missionary on a foreign field it's an invaluable resource. 

Okay, so that was my very first Ministry Monday. Whoohoo me!

Buttons & Memories

The other day I was searching for two large wooden buttons for a cowl I just finished crocheting. I poured out all my buttons onto the counter and started searching. As Murphy would have it I found many I liked but only one each.
All of the sudden I was hit with a rush of memories. I remembered sitting on my Grandma's large bed and looking through her old tin of buttons. I used to sit for hours, organizing them but color, size and type. I love playing with those buttons and imagining how wore them and how they lived. My imagination would run wild. I loved Grandma's old button tin.

It's funny how every day things can trigger memories; some sad and some very sweet.
Did your Grandmother have a button tin?

Weak Wordless Wednesday + a Few Words

Hey guys, just wanted to pop in and seek some sympathy. Not really but I am feeling a little under the weather this week.

So i'm sitting all wrapped up doing this.
You can find the pattern here

Be back soon! 
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