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Okay so this is my word for the week! I have been super busy! Actually, maybe not super busy but really busy. I always feel so bad for neglecting my blog but the truth is, when things get busy my poor blog and bloggy friends suffer. I'm not sure why that is but it is. Maybe my blog isn't a top 10 priority in my life and it probably never will be but I like it and I love reading all of your blogs. 

So, as I can see this week and the next are gonna be a little busy so I'm gonna take a little hiatus for the next two weeks, unless I  miss you all so much that I have to move you up on my priority list. You never know! 

Have a great week my friends!!

INSTAFriday Episode #3

Hey guys! It's that time again, time for INSTAFriday! I am seriously loaded down this week with all sorts of stuff so I have been crazy busy. Between sick members and driving them back and forth to hospital and Stateside problems its just been a crazy week. I have to apologize to all my bloggy friends out there for not stopping by this week, life sometimes throws a curve ball but i'll be back next week. I miss reading all your pleasant blogs. 

First thing this week I was thrilled to see this forecast. I'm so OVER all the snow and cold weather. Although it has been cold all week it's been dry and with the glorious sun coming out to visit out days have felt very warm. I'm loving it and seriously pining for Spring. 

This is not a skinny pancake as it looks it's a crepe and a special one at that. This crepe is low-carb and made only from eggs and cream cheese. I shared it because it's one way to get in my eggs for the day. I started an egg fast this week to try to move past the plateau I've been on for 5 months. I have bounced up and down 5 lbs for 5 months. I'm so ready to be at goal and begin maintenance that it's killing me! Anyhoo, more on that later. 

I posted this because I love it! What a wonderful life we would live if we would just begin to look at life this way. I'm gonna really try this week, well next, to think like this. I do in general but as I get older I find myself a little more pessimistic than optimistic. Lincoln was one wise feller!

Finally, I'm sharing one of the 8 updates I've done this week on my egg fast. Didn't want to bore (sp?) you so I spared you the other 7. Today is my 8th weigh-in and I have lost 8 lbs as of today. My goal is 10 lbs. lost by my 10th day on the fast. It's really been very easy. I started off wanting to do 5 days and just keep adding. After my 10 lbs. lost I'm gonna slowly transition back to low-carb for a week or two and do the fast again. I'd love to be at goal and maintaining by the time we return to the States the end of April. It's so close!!

Anyhoo, there's my INSTAFriday. Hope you will link up and join me today. Promise to take time to check out your INSTAFriday posts, cross my heart!


Okay so on with the tour! Today I managed to get some photos of the living room (while it's clean) and thought I'd continue my missionary "dom" (home) tour. So part 3 is our living area. 

Downsizing to a 100 square meter house was a huge move. We moved from a 3 story family home when our boys left for college and it was just us 3. It was a bit hard to get used to being so close to each other in the house but I love it now. It's not big but it's just right for us. In 3 months we take our youngest daughter Hannah back to the States to begin her life and college in the Fall. When we return it'll be just my baby love and me so the house will be plenty big. 

 Our living area is really very small, it just barely fits our furniture but it makes for a very cozy chilling area especially with the wood burner. Oh yea and just in case you're wondering; those spots on the ceiling are little lights. I have to admit that I hate the fact that they are so random, there's no order to them at all and it bugs the fire out of me. Oh well everyone has something and those lights are mine.

Over the years I've managed to bring things back from the States after our furloughs. I love having English decor around the house, makes me feel very at home. 

 My desk has some special memories on it. Top left is a photo we took during a family vacation on the Adriatic Sea. On the right are photos of my children that we had made after we were here two years. It's been a long time since my children were that small, I miss it. The middle photo is our oldest son's graduation photo. He left in 2011 and began his life in Texas, seems like ages ago.

This is the entry from the foyer to the living area. I'm torn on the glass door bur since it's rented, I like it!

Zois favorite place is in front of the wood burner. 

 I have to tell you how much I LOVE this sectional. This is my dream couch and I'm so glad we were able to get it a few years ago. What's awesome about it is that it's an IKEA couch with a slipcover. This brown cover is completely washable and there are a ton of different patterns to choose from. I really wanna get a summery color but Dave says, if you want it, save for it and I haven't so I don't get it.

Once a Texan always a Texan. 

Every year here in our town there is a huge walking festival. Every year a lady sets up a stand in town and sells these lovely apples she makes. I absolutely love them and I'm planning to get a new one every year. I don't know where I'm gonna put them but I'm gonna get 'em anyways. 

I have this large photo wall on one of the walls and it's always a conversational piece when friends come to visit. This style is very American and when our Croatian friends come over they're always surprised by it. I love all the memories. 

This is the first family photo we had made after coming to Croatia. Our children were 9, 6 and 4 in this photo and this year they'll be 23, 20 and 18. 

I love all the special photos we have around our living room. It means so much to see photos of our boys everyday, it makes their absence a little easier.

Our little house isn't large but it is home. Regardless how difficult life gets, we can always come home and kick our feet up and tune out the world. Everyone needs that special place of refuge and our little home is just that.

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Hey Guys!! Welcome to Episode #2 of INSTAFriday! I'm really excited that so many people said they wanted to link up with me so at the bottom of this post you'll find a link up. Just put in your info so that others can find your INSTAFriday posts and make sure to take the INSTAFriday image below or use a text link to link back to this post.  

Okay so that's all the boring details, let's go!!

My Instagram feed was quite busy this week. We started the week with a ton of snow fall and lots of shoveling.  Snow, snow and more snow! I'm so ready for Spring!!

I feel so bad for Johnny 'cause when it snows like this he has no sons here to send out to clean it, it all falls on him, Ha! literally! He was out 4 times this day shoveling and after it all our front yard was more than a meter deep in snow. Okay, I'm changing the song! "Snow, snow go away, come again some other day!" like a year from now!

All that shoveling made for some very sleep guys. Johnny and Zoi enjoyed a little shut-eye here and there. I seriously need to set my shutter on my phone to silent cause I woke my baby up and he so needed the sleep.

Apparently Zoi gets around. Here she is helping Hannah with her math. She's a crazy doggie! It's strange that she likes those dining chairs so much. I think she's confused about her role in the family. No, before you ask, she doesn't sit there with us for dinner. That's just gross! Unless you do it, and then it's sweet. Uh-hum.

I love being able to help Hannah in Sunday School. She's learned a lot from fellow missionary Melissa Houston and is turning out to be a great SS teacher. The kids love her and I can see her one day teaching her own children.

We went out on Tuesday night to try to beat the snowed-in feeling and it was fun. We played pool (we each won one), walked around the mall (hubby's idea, go figure!) oh and (don't look a gift horse in the mouth)and then we had a wonderful meal at the Kneginec Hiza.

I'm loving all the Valentine's Day decor around the mall, perfect photo op for my and by huney!

Hannah and I couldn't help take photos in these cool old leather chairs. Felt like we were in the wild west. She loves all things vintage and old. She's a very old spirit actually. She loves old black and white movies and she's forever driving me nuts with facts and songs I have never heard.

I took this photo of the little flower on my spider plant because it made me so happy. I know it's not a big deal but if did give me a little memory of how wonderful Spring is and I can't wait!!!

Okay friends, that's it for my INSTAFriday, now it's your turn to link up!! Can't wait to check out your INSTAFriday posts!!

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