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INSTAFriday #6 & Admission

Hey everyone! It's that time again, INSTAFriday!! My Instagram account as been pretty slow as of late. Seems like there's way too much happening even to take a few moments to take photos. Here are the 4 I managed to take this week. 

We've been teaching about the end of Jesus' worldly ministry and last week we taught on the cross. We really want the children to understand exactly what the Lord did and sacrificed for them so we try to teach about the suffering of the Cross while keeping it kid friendly. I found this cute little craft and we made them for Sunday School. Plaćeno, means Paid For! Praise the Lord if you have accepted His wonderful Son Jesus then your sins are also paid for!!

 For my birthday my husband bought me several things but as usual he couldn't wait to give them to me so I got my gifts a week early so for my actual birthday he went out and bought me a slew of Bible pens for my new Bible. These are my favorite! They are the Pilot Frixion Point  and they are awesome! They're very fine tipped, they don't bleed and best of all, they're erasable!! I'm serious! The erase with friction and none of that nasty eraser stuff. Anyhow, these are some of my favorite things lately!

Okay so this is just silliness. How many of you play QuizUp? I'm am completely addicted to the Bible subject. When I actually saw the rankings and realized I could be number #1 in Croatia I couldn't help myself. Okay I have to admit, the fact that I'm probably the old native English speaker takes a little wind out of my sail but still it's cool!! Look me up if you play, I'm Tori L. or johnnysgirltori. 

For most people these verses mean a world of hope. Even though I have read them hundreds of times this time they really spoke to my heart. I'm so thankful for the promises we find in the Word of God. What a loving God we serve that cares enough about our hearts to reassure us that He's got it all in control.

Okay now it's time for my admission which won't be a huge shocker to most of my readers.

As many of you know, our lives are about to change drastically. Our last child, our daughter Hannah is about to graduate and leave Croatia to start her life in the States. With her leaving and our upcoming furlough life has thrown us a basket full of stuff to get accomplished in the next 24 days. Along with my list below that hangs in my kitchen and keeps me from having a moment of rest there's also the fact that next week we have a guest preacher from Oklahoma coming to stay with us for a week and preach our mission conference that starts next week.
That may not seem like a lot but for those of you who don't know, I'm a perfectionist. There, I said it. I admit it and I know that having house guests means a whole bookoo of prep and then serious upkeep all week. It is what it is and it shouldn't be that way but there it is.

So I rambled on and said all that to say this...I am gonna have to take another blog break. Not so much a break but my posting and reading will be sporadic at best. There's so much to be done and there's about 10 things I just remembered that I need to write on the board.
Anyhow my friends, thanks for understanding and sticking with me. I value all my blog friends and hopefully life will slow down sometime soon and I can get back to blogging on a regular basis.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter weekend! Praise the Lord, He didn't stay in the tomb but He is risen!!

INSTAFriday #5 Link-up

Okay so today's INSTAFrida is slim pickin's for sure. This week has again been busy and I've been feeling a little puny. My sweet husband decided to share his gunk with me and I'm been sniffling and blowing for days. Thank the Lord it is finally subsiding a little and I can see some clear breathing in my near future.
I took the above photo the other day during my devotion. I love it when I find smilies in the Bible. This was in Romans but I'm sure they have to be everywhere. 

 Then yesterday at church I took this little pretty's photo. I love Daffodils and I'm super-crazy-excited about Spring. I love flowers and Spring is perfumed with them.

Yesterday was pretty special too.  I didn't take any photos but it was my birthday, 42nd actually. My family did so much for me. My day started with a wonderful breakfast prepared by my sweet Hannah, who is BTW, an excellent cook. Then I opened some gifts and received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my honey and Hannah cooked a great lunch that included some crazy-good stuffed mushrooms. I followed all the excitement with a nap (which I needed) and then we headed to church and out to dinner afterwards with friends. It was a lovely birthday, really one of the nicest I can remember. Oh yea and it got up to 73 yesterday and was gloriously sunny. Altogether it was a perfect day!!

Okay girls, it's your turn, can't wait to see your INSTAFriday photos!

First Day of Spring Hike

I have seriously had Spring fever lately and to celebrate the first day of Spring we went for a hike to Grebengrad. Grebengrad was one of two major fortresses in this area around 1200 AD. Hungaria Counts lived here and soon moved the settlement to a nearby valley which is now Novi Marof. The walls of Grebengrad are still somewhat standing and it's a great hike up to this historical landmark. 

I am a bit of a flower nerd and I'm constantly on the lookout for these little beauties. I was interested to see what would be in bloom this early in Spring and I wasn't disappointed. 

Look at these sweet little wild strawberries. 

I was so surprised to see this little beauty growing in the forest. I love the way the Ciclama flower grows upside-down and check out those spotted leaves, lovely!


 I'm not sure what these are but aren't they purty! From the look of the leaves I'm thinking that they're in the violet family.

I think the two above are in the Lupinus (Blue Bonnet family for us Lone Star ladies) or some type of Salvia. Love the colors. 
Not sure about these little sunny buds but they were growing out of the rocks. 

These little Galanthus of Visibabe as they're called here are some of the first flowers to make an appearance in Spring. I super-love them!

I'm not sure what these are but I'm thinking that they are in the Hellebore family. Love the variation between the periwinkle and green. 

Fnally this is a rare Hannahborealous. 

Loved the exposed roots of this amazing tree along the trail, amazing!

Zoi was so happy to find this little natural spring on top of the mountain and she drank so much she had to make several pit stops on the way down!

We loved the blue doors of this old house. The oldest walls were actually stick covered in mud and hay. 

Some of the walls of Grebengrad. Amazing to think we were actually standing in a fortress from 1200 AD where people actually lived. 

The one downside to living in Europe is that it spoils you for history. When we're Stateside and touring old 100 year old settlements it's hard to get to excited when we we're used to much older history here in Europe. 
My last photo for today is me and my baby! I love seeing Europe and experiencing life with this man. Blessed doesn't describe it!

What did you do to celebrate the first day of Spring??

INSTAFRIDAY Episode #4 & a linkup

Okay guys, it's time for InstaFriday again. Sorry for taking last week off but I'm telling you, life has been crazy! 

First off, Johnny had to go out of country for a week and that left me and Hannah at home with nothing to do. Okay so we could have done some major Spring cleaning but we didn't. BTW, doesn't Hannah have the prettiest blue eyes ever?? She gets them from her Daddy!

I did decided to paint the kitchen while he was gone. I've been trying to figure out what color since our kitchen is very small and has a sloping ceiling. My living area is a light turquoise so I didn't want whatever color I painted it to clash so I went with a buttery yellow. I'm also incorporating the yellow in the living area to tie it all together. I'm not showing the kitchen yet because I'm saving that for my Home Tour Kitchen Edition. ;0)

Last week we had guests come to visit from Florida and some missionary friends came down from Budapest. We had a great time visiting but it was crazy busy. We had revival all week in the Croatian church and the Gypsy church. 

 We have a Saturday "Sunday" School of sorts in the village and it's only for children up to 12 years old. They are such special little guys and it's a privilege to teach them about Jesus.

 This is my neighbor dog! Yes, he looks cute but he's a menace! Last week I watched him cross the street from the neighbor's house into my yard and begin to bury, in my flowerbed a giant red hen that he had apparently decided to sent to an early demise. Are you kidding me! I ran him out of the year and then tried to go next door to tell the neighbors but the gate was locked. So, I grabbed the leg of this big clucker and chunked her onto the neighbor's trash cans. Moral to this story; you can't trust blonds!

Finally for this InstaFriday is my special early birthday gift that my honey brought home for me from his trip. Remember a while ago when I posted about my Old Black (Maroon) Book, well I've been wanting a new Bible but I've not wanted to give up the comfort of my old Bible. It knows where we're going before I even start and it seems to just flip open to that verse. It's comfortable and loved but it's getting old. So 2 weeks early my honey (who can't wait for birthdays just like me) gave me my new Bible. I love it! It's a Church Bible and the quality is top notch. It's top grain cow hide and it smells like the very first pair of Justin boots I ever bought when I worked at Motts 5-10. They smelled like heaven and my new Bible has the same smell. I know that's silly but I was so proud of those boots and worked hard for that $100 so I have fond memories of that smell and my Bible smells just like those boots! 

Anyhow, that's InstaFriday for this week. I'm hoping you'll join in with me this week!!

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