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Talk about a find!

Okay so you already know that I'm totally getting my kicks from going to the flea market here close to our town. I have found some real gems and I'm enjoying finding some creativity that I didn't know I had.

Anyhoo, last Saturday we headed to soul-winning as usual and usually on Saturdays my partner, Hannah and I head to the market for a quick look-see. Well this Saturday was our lucky day. As we walked my friend commented how there wasn't really anything good today and right about then she said, wait. I turned and she showed me a huge old amiore sitting on the outskirts of the market. The market was crowded so folks were sitting up on the streets. Anyhow, one look and I told her that there was no way I could afford that. It was at least 70 years old and looked to be in really good shape. We walked over anyway out of curiosity and we're surprised to see a Gypsy man and his wife with a few odds and ends and this cabinet. Anyhow after a little back and forth they came down to 200 kuna which is pretty close to $40. Now usually I don't spend more than 3 or 4 but I really wanted this. In Croatia furniture is outragously expensive and it's usually pressed wood and will fall apart as soon as it's moved. For a small cabinet to put a printer on you'll pay about $150. So when I seen this massive cabinet for such a low price I had to have it.

The man delivered it to the church and we headed out to make some visits. Funny thing; Johnny had been in town passing out tracts and made it to the church before I did. I know what his impression would be, that this thing was really expensive that I had spent everything we had in the bank, which would be unusual for me. When we finally made it back to the church all the men were in the side room looking at this cabinet. Johnny looked at me and asked how much, I smiled a sly little smile so he would think I had paid a lot and then I told him how much and he was so surprised. I was glad. My number two goal in life is to fulfil this verse in my marriage; " The heart of her husband doth safely TRUST IN HER, so that he shall have no need of spoil. Proverbs 31:11". It's so important to me that Johnny trusts me. I don't want him to ever worry when he sends me out with money or with anything he has entrusted me with.
Anyhoo, back onto topic, he was pleased.

I had to make a trip to the capital Monday with the national pastor's wife and when I came home I found out that Johnny had went to the town where the new church is and brought the cabinet home and now it's in my garage. I actually took some pictures for my refinishing records and for sharing with you. This is the closet in all it's glory just as I found it at the market. It is in great shape and has very little if any dings in it.
The mirrors are in need of replacing and the bottom drawer has swollen a bit but that's to be expected right? It's old. I does have some cute little inlaid places on it.

And inside is the real treasure. I guess because the closet is so old they more than likely didn't use hangers but instead they used pegs for hanging their things. I love that the most. Someone asked me if I was going to replace them with rods, uhhh NO!

One more key piece of information about this piece is the writing on the inside door. Aparently this girl Fora Nemčić was born February 24, 1911. She then wrote when she was married on June 24, 1932 and finally when a son Stefan, was born on the 27th of what looks to be June in 1949.

This was frosting on the cake for me. I love the closet but the information was an added bonus for me.

I think the wood is Elm but I'm not sure. If you know, please leave it in a comment. I think I'm going to just do a little sanding on this closet and maybe some use some good wax afterwards. The bottom drawer is swollen and will need some attention but that should be too hard.

Anyhoo, is my big find and I'm so excited about it.
Stay tuned for an after picture of this one!



  1. How exciting! That really was a good find. I can't wait to see the after pictures :)

  2. Oh I cant wait to see the after pics!!!!

    that is a beautiful piece.. not to mention the writings in it! YAY
    and what a fun "Trick" you played on Johnny even if it were for only a moment.! :P

  3. got a great find..this is such a wonderful piece..and I agree..I would love the writing in the inside, get to know part of the history....I hope all of these precious things will be able to follow you home IF and when you ever have and the Lord leads you back here or somewhere else...beautiful, Tori...

  4. What a beautiful piece! Can't wait to see what it looks like all finished.

    Have a great week

  5. What a treasure you found!! I'm so glad you plan to sand it and wax it, not paint it. It will be beautiful!!

  6. Oh you´re making me wish Spaniards did second hand. There is a place here and now that I think about it I may head on over there soon. They are a Christian (pentecostal) drug rehab. they refurbish furniture.
    What an awesome find! can´t wait to see what you will do with it!
    I love big cabinets! I love rustic!

  7. It is very beautiful. Nice find!!!

  8. Tori! It's gorgeous! I'm like you and love the pegs and the personal details of the former owner. You got a great find!

  9. Can´t wait to see what you are going to do with that beauty. You got a talent girl!

  10. Wow! What a blessing from God! It is so rich with history. Instead of replacing the mirrors one option would be to remove the mirror backing and make them glass (see through). My Grandma did that once to an old armoire type cabinet and turned it into a china cabinet.

  11. Anonymous3:44 PM

    What a deal! It's a beautiful cabinet. Good work.


  12. wow...tap..tap..tap... for the Make Over photos!!

    I can't stand the wait!


  13. That's amazing! I love it!

  14. cool and interesting...

    You're right!! What a find!!!

    Hope Hannah's feeling well soon.


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