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A Lttile Work

A little work isn't so bad especially when you're doing it for someone you love.

When we arrived in Croatia 9 years ago we bought our boys some wooden bunks and throughout the years they have slowly deteriorated. Finally last week they broke, they're gone and the boys were in need of some new beds. So after a week on the mattresses on the floor we headed where everyone who is anyone heads for furniture, IKEA!

Yesterday Johnny and I went to IKEA alone (so we could fit it all in our little minivan) to buy stuff for the boys room. I was so excited to be able to get more than just beds for them. Their room has kinda always been bits and pieces and not so nice until now.

When we first saw this house the landlord asked us what color we wanted every room, I thought blank canvas and opted for magnolia, off white sorta color. Well the color below is what I got in EVERY room. I expressly told him, not yellow but I guess he has a sense of humor.

Since the beds were gone we decided to paint their room and smokey blue gray. It looked more gray them blue at the paint store but it's more blue than gray at home, go figure!

I'm still planning on painting a solid square behind each headboard so the beds will stand out a little but we can't decide on what color, I'm thinking an orangy color. What do you think?
Okay so it's not HGTV quality but it's not bad. They like it and it's so functional and that's what counts.


No I'm not trying to sneak back into Blogville without an apology. Sorry! I was temporarily blinded by the bright lights of Facebook but I'm better now. I have chosen, which is what you have to do if you're not a multi-tasker like me, I have chosen Blogville and I'm glad to be home!
Missed ya!



  1. First of all...after being gone so long, you are NOT allowed to make fun of my flower garden!

    Second...Your boys room is...let's see...whats a good "boy" term to describe it, cause if I say "cute"..they'd die! (Maybe..masculine...yes, that's it...masculine!) Very clean and modern...and a bight block of color would look great behind the headboard. I would NEVER have thought of that!

    Third....I'm SOOOooooo happy you've pulled yourself away from Facebook...Even happier you're back with me!!


    Happy weekend my friend...I've missed you!


  2. Love the new look! it´s so fun to change things up. We got our boys bunks at Ikea too! LOL.. they look pretty much like your boys´beds only stacked. Great pick. I think we needed to go lighter with the paint though. we have sea blue and sky blue contrasts. It´s looks like we could have sharks swimming around.

    I don´t know about orange. Pilar is the one to ask about color. ;)

  3. YAY! Welcome Back!!! ;) I have not really gotten into facebook so I don't see what all the hype is~It's a bit confusing to me so I just stick to blogger.

    I LOVE the boys room! Great job! Yes a splash of color would be great too. I would go with either Orange or Red. I do love red and gray together.

    Again glad to have you back in our little world ;)

    Have a wonderful day in Croatia as we enjoy temps in the 50's....did you hear that in the 50's in August~Glad that global warming thing is working :D.


  4. Kill the fatted calf! Our prodigal blogger has returned!

  5. So glad to see a new post.
    The boys' room looks great!
    Hope y'all are doing well.
    Enjoy your week!
    ~ Christina

  6. I like the room. And orange sounds good to me, but then again I'm partial to orange because it is one of my favorite colors.

  7. Orange or Red would be pretty. I'm slightly colorphobic though and would probably paint a dark gray, or black square. :)
    Glad to see you back!

  8. Tori, So glad you're back! I've missed you! I checked and checked for new posts and none to my avail. I have also missed you're husbands while you guys were on vacation. I love the new look of your blog and the new look for your boys' room. What a neat idea for putting color behind the headboards - might I suggest a silver to go with the blueish gray and the black frames? But a red or orange would definitely pop! Also, purple goes well with black and gray.

  9. Anonymous9:38 AM

    The room looks FANTASTIC! And I think and orange square is a wonderful idea. Blue and orange look nice together. Orange isn't my favorite color but in small doses it can be nice.

    Your fall blog look is WONDERFUL too! I love love love harlequin patterns and I love the warm colors you've chosen.

    And last but not least I'm *so glad* you've chosen blogging instead of Facebook. Sadly, many of my favorite bloggers have gone the way of Facebook and Twitter and I was beginning to wonder if blogging was going to go away.

    I'm *so glad* that you're back!


  10. Thanks ladies, what a sweet, warm welcome back. I'm glad to be back. I have missed blogging but couldn't seem to balance both.

    Thanks for being such faithful readers!

  11. Tori, the boys' room looks great! The grey/blue/black theme looks MUCH more masculine than pale yellow, lol!

    Your blog's looking nice for fall, too. Don't you love this time of year?

  12. Hey welcome back. I am not getting sidetrack with facebook but farmville in facebook!!! It is horrible!!! so I am not judging anyone ;)

    Love your boys beds, isn´t Ikea the greatest!!! I am missing t¡it a lot because they closest one to us is 2 hours away but.... I am paying them a visit soon. When we lived in gijon (where Daniela is) we were in Ikea all the time 8only 10 min away). :)

    I do love decorating and have an idea for you. If you want it drop me a line at pilar at spainforforchist dot com. If not, don´t worry, I won´t feel bad :)

  13. YAY a new post.. I was getting tired of looking at those rakes :P lol
    Your boys room looks like an add out of IKEA.... you really have a talent... they are lucky boys.
    I would do orange or red or even a Royal blue ... any bright color *not yellow lol* would be great. Just kidding of coarse, Because I think bright yellow would look pretty as well..

    Good to have ya back.

  14. Hey Tori,

    The boys room looks great! We love IKEA too!! Are they still getting one in Croatia? I was really counting on getting most of our furniture from there for our new home. I'm sure whatever color you choose behind the beds will look great. Red or orange will definitely pop. Love seeing pics of your home.... makes me homesick.


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