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Fun finds at the market.

Hungarian postcard

So a friend and I headed to the market for our normal weekly scout and I was so excited to see that the postcard man was there. I've seen him there only a few times and I was delighted that he and I were there at the same time.

He had boxes and boxes of old postcards from all over Eastern Europe. I bought about 9 of them and love 'em. Actually I'm trying a bit of an experiment. I have seen lots of postcards on sale on ebay and I figured why not give it a try.

My family life as a young person was very difficult and we lived day to day. There were no summer vacations or leisure trips anywhere. For as long as I can remember my Mother has talked about wanting to see one thing before she dies. She has always wanted to see the Sequoia trees in Washington State.

So I figured I would start to look for things that can be cheaply mailed from Croatia and start trying to make some money on the side. I figured that I can sell small things through the internet and all proceeds will go to taking my mother to see the Redwoods when we return for furlough.

So anyhow, these are the postcards I found so far. I absolutely love the woman with the geese and the old man. They are all dated from 1914 to '24.
I love the writing on the back of these cards, some in Croatian, some in German.
French tinted Ceko card.
Super-love this card!
Nice and well...nice.

One of my favorites. I totally dislike naked little cherubs in art but this is cupid so it's different! The color is lovely.
still another.


  1. Great finds! It sounds like your trips to the market are more like treasure hinting

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I like those postcards. What a great find.

  3. I love your postcards. I wish I was able to hold them in my hands and veiw them up close. I love old things like this and wonder about the people envolved in the writing. What a treasure.

    I love the idea concerning your mom. I pray that you are able to do this for her. What a great blessing to be able to fill the dreams of someone that you love. love to you, connie

  4. The postcards are great, Tori... what a wonderful thing for you to do for your mother.
    Love ya, Tobitha

  5. Beautiful postcards, Tori! What a fun find! I love old things, and like Connie, love to think about the people who used them and what their lives were like.

  6. Great find! What a good idea to do that for your mom.

  7. The postcards are a great find. Hope you can help your mom get to her dream spot. I too lived in rough circumstances growing up. HUGS.

    I love this blog, and am going to be following it.

    I am praying for you.

    My ancestors came from somewhere in Eastern Europe. Someday I hope to find out more.

  8. Those are so interesting.
    I just posted an award for your blog. It´s lovely. ;)

  9. what a lucky daughter your mom has :P

    I love old post cards.. one time on a date, my dh and I went to an antique store and just read old post cards for EVER... Its something I am looking forward to doing again soon.

    Love the post cards!

  10. I haven't visited in such a long time. I have a lot of catching up to do :-) I love these old postcards - they are awesome!!!

  11. These postcards are wonderful, each a treasure in its own way. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  12. I just love these postcards. I will be praying with you about raising the money for the trip for your mother.


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