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Sep 12, 2015

New Blogger Friend

I wanted to introduce you guys to a good friend of mine who recently started blogging. Angela is a pastor's wife in Texas and is a multi-talented lady. She can do it all and she's begun blogging about some of her life and hobbies. Please take a moment and drop by and see her, I know it would be an encouragement to her. Oh and let her know I sent you!


  1. Tori!!!! I finally got around to visiting you...thank you so much for leaving comments...I really and truly appreciate it. You are living in Croatia???? How amazing, I am Croatian...however, never been there, my grandparents came to America from Yugoslavia. Have a beautiful day....Blessings

  2. Thanks for sharing, Tori! I went over to visit Aunt Sissy's Place. What a nice blog! She has some great recipes and I loved the "52 date nights" idea!

  3. Thanks for referring us to the newest blogger. I look forward to seeing more of what she posts in the coming days. Hope you and yours are all doing well.


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