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Sep 11, 2015

INSTAFriday #7 Link-up

I am in shock! How can it be Friday already? Where are the days going? As of yesterday we've been home already 3 weeks! It seems like we arrived yesterday and now we're already on week 4! 

The weather's turned a little chilly and wet here which I guess is to be expected since it's September and the kids are all back in school. It has to be wet and cold or those kids won't have stories to tell their kids about standing in the cold rain waiting for the school bus when they were kids. Oh yea, after walking 12 miles to the bus stop. 

Anyhoo, my Instagram feed started out Sunday with a photo of my favorite preacher. I am so proud of my Johnny. He's become such an amazing man over the years and even if he weren't my husband I would still be very impressed. 
Oh yea and that blue suit, well it makes it a little hard for me to pay attention to the sermon. I love being in love with him. I know it's mushy but I don't know how else to say it. 

This empty-nest stuff is for the birds! (Ha, I made a funny and didn't even try.) While I'm loving the alone time with Johnny and the peace, I can't stand the quiet. I never dreamed I'd miss noise so much. He's also been in a bit of a funk lately because of it. Between knowing they're not here are worrying about them there, (yes, I know that the opposite of faith is worry) it's been a learning experience. I need to study harder so I'll quit flunking the quiz. 

So Johnny and I decided to have a frivolous Monday of just gallivanting around for no good reason so we headed to Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia. It's not far, only about an hour and a couple tolls.

As we headed toward downtown I happen to see this at a stoplight. I know, it's art right? If you say so.

Then we headed to the Botanical Gardens that I've wanted to visit for 15 years. We've driven and walked past this place numerous times but since today was all about being frivolous we stopped. I loved it! The flowers were still in bloom and everything, I mean EVERYTHING was labeled. The crazy thing is that Johnny loved it. He even talked about how cool gardening would be. Oh be still my heart! I have hope.

Oh yea, and the lily pad house was amazing. I have never seen a lily pad this size. The flower blooms which weren't bloomed were the size of a small child's head.  Is that not unreal. I was so solid too, a child could have floated on in. On the bottom side of the pad it was covered with monstrous thorns. Very jungly. (is that a word?) It is now.

We had such a good time meandering through town and down back alleys. Most of the towns in this part of Europe look the same but I never get tired of strolling down the cobblestone streets.

This is what we found at the bottom of the above walkway. it was the perfect place to get a cappuccino. We sat and did was all Europeans do, we sipped coffee, slowly and we watched people walk by. That's the national pastime of Croatia and I like it!

We chose this place for coffee, you know why? Because I loved the plants on the tables in old tin cans. I like quirky things (that's why I like y'all) and that's pretty quirky. The coffee was great even through the waiter was a bit of a jerk (I mean that in the nicest way).

We made our way back to the car and headed to the Promise Land! Okay so it's just IKEA but pretty close. I don't know why I love this place but I do! I always leave with some cool thinggy or two. This time several cool thinggys.

Anyhow, that's what dominated my Instagram feed this week. I don't seem to take as many photos as I did before. I guess without a cute daughter to photograph my feed has slowed down.

We enjoyed our frivolous Monday and I'm thinking it's gonna be a permanent fixture in our lives.

I'm also linking up today with Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story for her Friday Fave Five

Can't wait to see your INSTAFriday! Don't forget to link-up below!


  1. I love frivolous days....especially spent with my man!!! Happy Friday!

  2. wow ILOVE the lily pad photo! so awesome that you are missionaries in Croatia. you mentioned being an empty nester....are your children in college over here in the states?? one of my former soecial needs students is from croatia.....his mom. they go back every summer. it looks beautiful. i have only been to Paris. But more European countries are on my bucket list!! happy weekend.

  3. Loved seeing your little adventure via instagram!! I love people watching so I would make a good European.( and that is probably the only trait I would share with

  4. I sure did enjoy the stroll through the town with you. Very interesting, and the pictures told the story. Glad you got to go through the Botanical Gardens.

  5. Frivolous Mondays -- I like it! Won't work for us until (or unless) my hubby retires, but it's a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your frivolous day sounds fun! The closest IKEA to us is 3 or so hours away. I have never been in one. Maybe someday...I heard they're great!

  7. fantastic pictures.

  8. I keep forgetting to do this! But I love seeing yours, here and on Instagram. I hope you two have a wonderful weekend!

  9. LOL I couldn't help but laugh at your blue suit comment. My husband prefers to preach in white shirts. I have bought him a blue one because *I* loved it. :) Whenever he decides to wear it for me, I tease him about how I didn't pay attention to the message anyway! So I read him that line of your post and he laughed and said, "You dirty women!" LOLOLOL So funny. What a fun day you had! Glad you finally got to visit your garden spot after 15 long years! Ha!

  10. It's true that time flies by so quickly ! You had a nice week ! I don't like the idea that we are going towards cold weather and short days !

  11. Tori, you and Johnny are so cute! I love when you share photos about your life. I would like to explore some of those cobblestone streets with you guys. It looks so awesome.

    I never knew lily pads could get that big!

  12. oh, my - that is one impressive lily pad. I can't even imagine the flower the size of a child's head. So glad you didn't spy a frog big enough to fill the pad. That would be scary.

    Love the architecture, colours, and windiness of the town with cobblestone streets..Beautiful towns take my breath away. Someday I will live in a beautiful town. . . . The "art" looks like an ear with an inner tattoo.

    So cute that you are so smitten with your guy and that you don't care who know about it. CHearing a great preacher is such a treat for the soul.

  13. That's funny that both you and Gattina mentioned Ikea. Your sense of humour in this post was great! I love botanical gardens. So beautiful!

  14. Our closest Ikea is 40 miles away in Burbank. But we do plan shopping trips there once in a while. What little thingies did you find?
    Botanical gardens are always a great way to spend a day--if you get to London, you need to visit Chelsea Physick Garden! And Kew Garden has those giant lilies too. My hubby has become a lover of gardens now. His focus is native plants. They just have to find their botanic niche :)
    Kids at boarding school? When we lived in Indonesia, our kids went to BS-- they loved it, me not so much.


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