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Does HE care? Oh yea HE does!!!

   Sometimes we forget all the wonderful things God does for us. I mean He answers prayers and we praise Him at the moment but we soon forget. I'm so guilty of this. In general I tend to have quite a bit of faith but I still forget sometimes how good He is. 

   Lately we've been really going through a life change with Cody (our oldest) graduating from high school and now working his first job as a medical courier.  We were so worried about this whole change in life when we really should have remembered all the great things He has done so far. Wow, as a family we have always been blessed beyond measure, and yea I know that's a phrase but that's our phrase. God has met every need and took care of lots of desires along the way. 

   I'm so glad to see that God is now doing the same amazing things for our son Cody. When we first came to the states we were really looking for a car for Cody but we were very careful not to get in front of God. Anyhow, one day after a long trip visiting churches Johnny took our van to a full service car wash for a detailed cleaning. As he was sitting in the waiting room he overheard a conversation between an elderly lady and one of the workers. She stated that she needed her car detailed since she was selling it. Curious, Johnny went over and inquired about the car. She hadn't even put the car up for sale yet. She was moving to Hawaii and didn't need the car. Johnny went out and looked at the car and it was almost brand new. It was exactly what Cody needed and since she was a Christian she gave us a great price. God dropped that car into our laps and at such a great price. 

   So the car was all taken care of and then the next step was a job. Cody decided long ago that he was going to honor God and not work on Wednesdays or Sundays. He put in tons of applications and surprisingly to me the only one who called out of dozens of applications was a pizza place and after a interview Cody decided it wasn't for him. He told the manager that he couldn't work on Sundays and before the interview was finished the manager tried to trick him into coming in on Sundays. 

   Anyhow, we told Cody to wait on God and that He would bless his putting God first. Well, as usual, the Lord came through and he was hired on the spot as a medical courier. He delivers medical supplies and pharmaceutics. Cody is allowed to come in at anytime of the morning and he can deliver all morning and then start his route at 1:00. The job is perfect, couldn't be better for a college student.  This job almost seems too good to be true unless you remember God, the one who created the stars, shut Noah up in the Ark and preserved his family and made a way for dirty sinners to be washed clean and inherit a heavenly home. Wow, and this God isn't big enough to supply a job for a young man who loves Him and honors Him. Oh yea He is, He cares, He hears and He answers prayers. 

   What a great blessing for me to see the God that has supplied for our family and taking care of us now caring and supplying for Cody.  DOES HE CARE? OH YEA HE DOES!!!

UPDATE: Okay so the job didn't work out. They were liars and totally changed the agreement. Act Fast Couriers is a joke and they treat their employees like garbage. Yes, this is a rant but it's justified. 
I still believe that the Lord is good and that in His time Cody will get the job that he needs. We'll just have to wait a bit longer. Anyhow, just wanted to update 'cha. 



  1. What awesome provision for your son. God is good.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Lisa :o)

  2. thanks for the reminder! So glad for Cody!!

  3. Amen! Glad He is showing His care for ya'll.

  4. Very, very true! All of our kids have gone through the job route - for us it's no Sundays and all of them have been able to do that! (even though everything is open on Sundays here). DD16 starts tomorrow at a farm-store - they are closed on Sundays! Yah! & she'll be working for Christians (we have no connections to them - she just applied, interviewed and got the job!). DD19 works at A&W and same thing - no Sundays, even though that's one of their busiest days. She also worked at a farm and stayed no Sundays - and DS has had the same thing. It wasn't easy to wait on the Lord, but He provides! Great re: the car!!! We've had those sorts of God-moments too - just gives me shivers when it happens (cuz I'm one who is very tempted to go before Him...ugh!).

  5. LOL, well...I was feeling all warm and fuzzy and happy about his job and then...THE RANT!
    Oh well, something will happen for Cody. I have no doubt! When God closes a door, expect a larger one to open. :)
    Hope you're doing well.



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