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A little bit o' wonderful!

I remember when we were home (in Croatia) and we would go to the grocery and find something from home (USA) we would be ecstatic. I remember finding Dr. Pepper in Austria and blinking several times 'cause I didn't actually believe what I was seeing. Or seeing Oreos on the shelf was like finding a honest politician. I know those seem like menial things but to us homesick Americans it was AWESOME!!!

Anyhow, now that we are in the states on furlough we are in reverse want. There are just some things I miss. Actually there are a lot of things and people I miss, but there are some foods that I miss and that's why I'm so excited about my finds.

I found VEGETA and I've been using it in rice and eggs and it's just a little piece of home. Oh ye and NESCAFE is my morning ritual in Croatia. I love this instant coffee. It's so good! I was excited to find it in the Spanish section at the grocery store. And last but defiantly not least.....MAGNUM ice cream bars. These things are so delectable. We found them at Kroger and the kids were way to happy.

One of the great thing about being a missionary is that we get to have two homes, two cultures and get to enjoy the foods of two lands. Boy am I lucky blessed!



  1. Funny, we ate at the HArd Rock Cafe and when the waiter brought French's Mustard to the table I almost fell off the chair! Glad you found a little taste of Home and now I have to check out those ice cream bars :) I miss you!

  2. I never have been able to find the Nescafe cappuccino...I think that's what you said you liked. Anyway, I love cappuccino so I've been wanting to try it. I may have to go to Croatia to get some! ;)

  3. Ok my pics are a MESS!! You know an easier way to upload pics to blogger. I almost screamed and threw my computer. yeah it was that bad!!

  4. Exciting when little things make your day ain't it?!


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