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This whole furlough has brought many changes and last night was another milestone in our family. Our oldest son Cody graduated from high school.  I'm amazed that he or we are old enough to be graduated. But it's true, he and we are. 

He walked the isle with one other graduate.
His Daddy proudly presented him with his high school diploma from our Croatia Baptist Academy home school. 
Cody with our pastor Dr. Todd Lasseter. 

Presentation of the two high school graduates and the kindergarten graduates also. 
Cody and his very proud Dad. 
Proud Papaw and Mammy (Johnny's parents)
Josh with the graduate. It's not long till we do the same with him. He's a 2013 graduate but he'll wait until May 2014 to actually go through the ceremony. He can't wait. 
Proud parents. I look like death because I did a little crying. It hit me so hard that this was so permanent and in a few short months we would be leaving our young man in America. I'm expecting to have to use some of that grace that God offers so freely. 
Cody will be planning Bible college in the fall and majoring in missions. His will be returning to Croatia as a missionary unless God changes his direction. We have told him that we would rather have him in Africa in God's will than in Croatia out of His will. We are praying that HIS will is for Cody to come to Croatia but we'll be happy as long as he is in God's will regardless where he is. 
  The graduates: Cody and Paul
 Cody with his display at the reception. 
 Congrats to both Cody and Paul. Now the fun begins!!


  1. Congrats Cody! Great pictures and Tori you look FABULOUS in color!!! I dont think I have ever seen you like that! Miss yous guys!

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Wow, you're just behind us! I have to say that I had a hard time when our first graduated and he only went to working full-time -- he wasn't miles away. I missed him sooooo much. What a treasure to be able to HS for years and see them grow & mature and see their faith grow, especially, but so hard to let them go... It gets easier! We only have one in school now and next year is our LAST YEAR!!! Amazing!
    ((( hugs ))) & congrats!

  3. Congratulations, Cody! Time is flying...thanks for sharing your thoughts along this journey of life. And, I don't think you look at all like "death", you look lovely!

  4. Cody čestitam od srca! Nedostaješ nam jako.


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