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Red Fingernails

You know, there are a few things I just can't seem to make myself like. I have always hated white shoes, even after Labor Day I still can't make myself wear white dress shoes. I think I saw some weird lady wearing black hose with white shoes and it ruined it for me. I would never wear white shoes with black hose but I can't help but hate white shoes now.

Nude hose, now that's another. It has taken me forever to like nude hose. I don't know why but they have always been tacky to me. I still don't like 'e'm but I wear them now out of necessity. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes, whether I like it or not.  

Really high pony tails are another one of my fashion hates. Even in school when they were cool I still didn't like them. They reminded me too much of a valley girl or some silly girl like that. I loved all the other fashions from the 80s but those high ponytails just ain't for me. 

I know that what we see and experience as kids and the sorta folks that sport those styles really make an impression, whether positive or negative. I remember a lady that I knew that wore rings on both hands. While there isn't a thing in the world wrong or ugly about rings on multiple fingers my mind can't get past that lady.  I have been influenced by people I have known. Hey there are even names that I can't stand, names that evoke a feeling or thought. I'm not even gonna give my list of names in fear of hurting someones feelings that might share one of those names but it's true I do have negative feelings about some names.

Anyhow one of my real hates has always been red fingernails. I don't know why but I have always associated red nails with wild women. (disclaimer: I know that there isn't a thing wrong with red nails. I know that they are not a sign of risky women or of uncomely ladies just wanted you to know that) for some reason as a young girl I formed the opinion that red nails were a bit risky and I have never been able to wear them...Until now!

My husband recently expressed a like of red nails. He has never been vocal about about the way I dress or anything like that. The other day we were sitting having a coffee and I asked him what he thought about my grayish light purple nail polish. He replied that it was nice, reminded him or Easter and then stated that he prefers red. I was taken back a bit. Red nails?? Are you joking with me? No, he was serious. He thinks they're pretty. 
Wow, red nails are pretty? They're pretty and not risky? 

Whoa now, he likes something I hate? How am I gonna reconcile this? I can't wear red nail polish! I can't! I don't wanna be perceived like that. No I wont!!! I won't wear red nail polish! Never!

Uh oh, I thought to my self. I wont because I don't like it? Does it matter what he likes? Can I really live with red nails? I questioned my idiosyncrasies and realized that his desires are my privilege. Really, who was I trying to please? Me, others? Wow, I realized something, his opinion is so much more important than mine. I don't buy into all this women's lib junk: "I need to love myself and I'm number one." I know that self esteem is  important in a marriage but much more important is living for each other. When I live for him I'm happy. I am secure in who I am with him. I am not Tori alone, no, we are Johnny and Tori together. I have self esteem and worth with him. 

Red nails... yes red nails and the adoration of a husband that knows my desire is only unto him and his wants are my desire. So as I type this I'm watching my red nails skate across my keyboard and smiling a little to myself. It feels nice to know I have sacrificed something I like or dislike for what he wants. Red fingernails??? Yea...He's worth it!


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    LOL, when I saw your title I figured you'd gone strawberry picking! ;) I'm not really into much nailpolish and haven't ever worn red or bright (noticeable) colours. But red nails = jeans & high heels for me. Same connotations but DH loves them (jeans & high heels). I've never worn them, even for him, but I day. If I get up enough nerve! :)
    Enjoyed this post! Who new?
    (DH told me just recently that he hates playing tennis - I've always encouraged him to go & play, thinking he loved it. LOL He loves BADMINTON!!! Ohhhhhhh.)

  2. HA! You are such a weirdo! But aren't we all?! Miss you!

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    This is a very good lesson about caring about pleasing our husband more than pleasing ourselves when it comes to our appearance.

  4. LOL! Great post! And Amen to living for each other! Maybe ya can get used to it by easing into red with darker and darker pink! ha ha I'm sure it still throws ya a little when ya glance at your red nails after not liking that color on nails for so long.


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