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Sew Crazy!

Hey remember this post from a couple weeks ago well I finally finished it. I used the great tutorial at Sew Mama Sew and even though it's not a huge quilt it's still a quilt. Maybe this is the beginning of something beautiful, we'll see!

Okay so for my birthday which is on Thursday, 36 wonderful years, Thank you very much, Johnny got me a new MP3 player. My old one bit the dust after falling out of my van and onto the drive way and subsequently being ran over and squished to bits. Anyhow Johnny got me a new one and since I carry it in my purse I decided it needed a cutesy carrying case. I found a great tutorial for and an IPod Cozy over at Sew Mama Sew Blog and yesterday between church I made one from this fabric.

Don't look to closely at my stitches, you may be disappointed!

All buttoned up, albeit a little crooked but still ready to go!

Oh yea one more little thinggy, that has nothing to do with sewing, for Nina over at Portugal Bound.

Nina posted back around Valentines Day about a little get-to-gether she had and she posted this picture of her and her valentine sitting in their home. Well I noticed immediately that Nina has wonderful taste, no not her husband although they do make a very handsome couple but the couch. I like that couch. Actually I like it so much because it's mine!! Actually the one they are sitting on isn't mine but I have one just like it. How much of a kawinkidink is that?? I mean she lives in Portugal and I live in Croatia, we are bloggy friends and who would have thunk it?
Nina you have great taste!!

Anyhoo, I thought it was interesting!
Y'all have a great day!!



  1. Now...How About That?!?!

    You have great taste too!!


  2. cool little sewing projects. Great job!!
    How incredible that you and Nina have the same sofas!! Wow! That´s deffinitely a sign. (if I believed in signs.) for what I have no idea!
    Our sofas are brown too. jeje

  3. Great job on all your crafty projects!

  4. Good work on all your sewing projects ...that quilt is cute...and I think it is so funny that you have the same is a kiwinkidink....loved your use of that WORD...LOL...gotta remember that one...okey dokey artichokey

  5. Wow, I always come away from your projects just so impressed :o) I wish we lived closer so you could teach me to sew and do all that stuff -- that little quilt and the MP3 cozy are adorable!

  6. OK, I really wish I had a sewing machine. I could really use a cozy like that for my iPod.

  7. I love your little case you made for your MP3 player, it is so cute. That is strange about the couchs. So weird???? They are nice couchs though.

  8. Love the little quilt, and your MP3 player case is so cute! How creative you are :o)

  9. Oh you changed your blog look. Great make over. :) how fun!

    Just wanted to make sure you didn´t miss the little something I left for ya at my place. It´s on the post for Sunday. (Domingo)

  10. The quilt looks great! The mp3 player case is a good idea too - might have to make myself one. :O)

  11. You did a great job on your sewing projects!

    Also, how funny it was to see your use of the word kawinkidink! I believe Tennessee Ernie Ford used that in an "I Love Lucy" episode. Lol!

  12. Neat stuff! That couch looks so comfy. I hop you have a great b-day now you are older than me :)

  13. Great job!!!! On both the quilt and then MP3 player case!

    I have made a quilt, but it was really for a doll ;) I gave it to my sister for a "lap quilt". It was fun to do, but I still am not brave enough to make a bigger one yet. Maybe one day.

    Have a great day

  14. Tori,
    I don't know what is going on with Google reader, but NOW bloglines works for my feed. I couldn't get it to work before so that is why I switched URL's.....

    I can't see mine on Google reader either :( Wish I understood all the technical things about blogging, but I do not ;)

  15. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Beautiful quilt and player case! I have a large quilt that I have been working on but it has dragged on and on. This was an inspiration to get moving on it again :)

    Also, I wanted to thank you for your prayers for my marriage. I'm still struggling so deeply but trying to work through the daily pain and sometimes agony. At times I am wearing so thin, but I am still trying.


  16. Great job with the sewing! I think your little quilt is the cutest!! :)


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