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The moon, the south wind and other hindrances of Soul-winning

Johnny posted a great post today, and so true! Please drop by there, give it a read, and welcome a new blogger! (yes I'm a little partial to this one!)



  1. I left a note on your hubby´s blog. YOu all are such a spiritural encouragement to our family!
    Love in Christ
    Dani Joy

  2. Don't go sinning over that recliner...I tell's not worth it!

    I can't stand that chair! It's made for short, Portuguese people. Not a big boned American woman that 5' 10"!

    My head sticks out the top and my feet hang over the foot rest.

    My husband does really good to not complain, though. It's as good as recliners get in Portugal.

    You've got my curiosity up about one of my pictures...can't wait to see the post!!

    I just 5 minutes ago posted more pictures....gardening time!

    Enjoy your weekend. We just "let go" of our special lady at church. She's in heaven now, and my husband is at the hospital with the family. Our first loss and's a difficult time for praying please.


  3. Nina said the same thing. I hope that it´s encouraging and not a downer post, though. It´s mostly just what´s been helpin me get the weight off. My tendency is to get complacent and say well, my hubby likes me the way I am and I´m not fat... buuuuuttttt... well, why not strive for the best! ;)

    You, Nina, and Pilar have been great encouragers for me!! I love you girls! I want to bring you all over for a conference one day!! Wouldn´t that be something!!!

  4. Sweetheart,

    Thanks for all your help on my blog and for creating all the traffic!

    Love ya,


  5. Tag you´re it! Come on over and see how to play! :) There´s something special waiting too!


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