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Amen Alan Keyes!

Found this piece of gold over at the Jungle Hut.



  1. Tori, Thanks for your sweet comment! Of course you can pass on the tag. It´s a "tonteria" silliness.

    I was very active... clumsy...
    I didn´t even mention the time I went flying over my bike handle bars. jeje

    That´s cool you played football too! Isn´t it the funnest sport?

    I haven´t gotten to see this post yet.. I am going right over to Paraguay right now to visit Jungle Hut! LOL

    btw.. why´d ya cover your face with your quilt? hiding? jeje

  2. Thanks for posting this video! This sums up alot of American's feelings. Would you mind if I posted it over at my blog? Thanks again!

  3. Amen! And Obama is a Obamanation!!! That's how we put it. Also this may sound mean but I won't even watch him on TV. Whenever he is on TV my mom will turn the channel. I agree with everything Alan Keyes said.

  4. Tori,
    You have the wrong URL for my blog it's been changed to:

    Hopefully that helps :)

  5. Wow! We are living in some very exciting times! Even so come Lord Jesus!

  6. Thank´s Tori!

    Don´t know if the Tortilla is fat free..I think the olive oil is good for you though. It really is high in protien and healthy carbs. :) I eat very little though cause I am sure they are very high in calories. :) I definitely stay away from all the bread. Try to eat whole wheat.

    have a great day!!

  7. That was a very interesting video. I love your new layout! It's great!!


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