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INSTAFriday #8 Belated

I'm not even sure If I can do this or not but I'm going to. I'm posting a belated INSTAFriday. I know I should have done it yesterday but It was the first day I felt good well better not disgusting all week. So yesterday I actually showered and went out with the hubby, after I got dressed of course and we even stopped or coffee. I usually get a head cold once every year but I missed last year and I was hoping this year would follow suit. At least it's done and over with so I can look forward to the rest of the season. 

My week started off with a lovely bouquet of flowers from my main squeeze. 
He know's just what I like. I like roses bit not particularly. I would much rather have a mixed bouquet than roses any day and these were perfect. 

I was a little chilly the first part of the week so I made my first pot of stew. No, before you ask, those are not pickles and this isn't Russian soup. I actually cheated and used frozen Italian seasoned veggies and it was delish! I topped mine with a slab of Mozzerella and it was to die for!

Okay so this is something completely new for me. Amigurumi. Yes, I spelled that right. It's basically Japanese for crocheted stuffed doll. In my case it's a bear. I found the best ever tutorial (of any kind, she's a great teacher and so easy to follow) on YouTube for making this little guy. After I fdinished I crocheted a quick granny stitch blankie and attached it to the bottom of this little guy. I'm sending him off to the capital in a few days to a brand new little boy. Anyhow, if you ever wanted to try something like this, this is the tutorial for you. 

I was so excited to see flowers on my clematis I planted last Spring. When we left for the states it was just starting to bloom and I was so bummed that I wouldn't get to see it. It's been so crazy warm here lately that everything is still in full bloom. I love these!

I posted this photo this week of my kiddos. This is the photo that is on the visor of our car. I miss them all so much. I'm so glad we had them here with us for the first 15 years. Now I'm praying that grand kids will be coming my way over the next 15. BTW, empty nest isn't as awesome as I initially thought. 

Finally, I found this photo the other day of our preacher and his wife and us right before we left for the field in 2000. I know we look different but it's us I assure you. It seems like an eternity ago that we left and arrived here. I'm so thankful for a Pastor who taught us to stand tall and stick out the hard times. 

Okay, before anyone asks, yes that is my foot in the bottom of the photo. Don't look too close, my nails need serious attention. 

Anyhoo, that's my belated INSTAFriday. I figured better late than never. Hey if you want to join me, it's not too late. I'm gonna add a link up just in case there are some takers.

I'm also linking up today with Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story for her Friday Fave Five


  1. Ohhh Tori, I certainty understand about that head cold. I have been out of whack the last 48 hrs or so thanks to a nasty head cold...which, btw, I don't ever remember feeling like this.

    Thanks for sharing this post, love the photos. You sure look different, smiles. Blessings

  2. Glad you are finally on the road to feeling better! I love roses but I do love a mixed bouquet better than all roses. That one is lovely. I just staring seeing those little crocheted animals on Pinterest a day or two ago.

    Wow, you guys do look different from that photo!

  3. I also love a mixed bouquet way better than roses. :)

  4. head cold is going around here. What an adorable little bear tho. Love the roses. You are blessed.

  5. Mmmm. Your fall stew looks delicious. Nothing wrong with adding frozen veggies! And those clematis! What a lovely gift from our Lord :-)

  6. The flower Bocquet is gorgeous! And I love the crocheted little bear. I sure hope I can find some time to head over and follow the pattern to make one too. Your stew looks delicious and I hope you're feeling even better.

  7. Those head colds sure can drag us down. So glad you don't feel crummy anymore.
    I love your crocheted bear and what a great idea to send it along with a blanket. Some of the ladiues in our church knit and/or crochet blankets for the new babies in our church. And with the extras, they send them to The Linus Project.
    Nice photo of your kiddos. I have an old one of mine as well that I keep on a bookcase in the living room (they are now 31 and 32). Sometimes I do miss their younger days. And I now have a 2 1/2 yo grand daughter. Quite a marvelous thing!
    Standing tall and sticking out the tough times are lessons we could all benefit from. So many need that modeled and thanks that you and your husband do!

  8. Never too late to look for and record the week's blessings! The stew looks delicious. Hope you feel better! Sweet gift of flowers and they are beautiful! The bear turned out great. I'm sure whoever adopts him will love him.

  9. I hope you're feeling better now. Head colds are nasty.
    I love roses too. They have to stay outside at our house (as do all flowers) because my hubby has allergies. But I enjoy them in the garden.
    It's HOT here today, but your stew makes me want to make soup :)

  10. Sorry I'm late dropping by. Your flowers are gorgeous - they make me think of Spring.

    I'm in awe of your talents, crocheting a bear and a blanket like that in a WEEK. I know it would take me at least a year.

    I cherish meaningful photos, too. I have them out on display everywhere.

    I'm thinking it would be nice if you shared your stew recipe!


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