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Sep 8, 2015

To Do Tuesday Link-Up #2

Well, it's that time again and I'd love to say I checked off all of last week's list but sadly... I didn't. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. Actually, time just doesn't seem as long and abundant as it used to be, time just seems to fly these days. Plus, I had a pretty big list.  

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We actually did get quite a bit done and some stuff that wasn't even on my list. BTW, before you ask, #6 says klakavci  (I have no idea what this is in English) which is Croatian for those little brick thinggys our downstairs patio and driveway are made out of. For those wondering, yes I know the list is messy. 

 Okay so we did finished the curtains! This was a huge job because the ceiliing by the crazy, almost 3 meter window wasn't flat. It actually started to slant up quite a bit about a foot away from the window. We just had the sheers on one of those tight cables before. Johnny had to flatten the ceiling over there so he could put up a proper curtain track. It was a lot of work but it's amazing to be able to close the curtains and walk around at night and not have to worry about creepers watching you. This was a big one and I'm glad it's done!

 My second semi-completed job is our conversion of our Nan's old room to my super-room. Johnny got the shelves and desk put up and now it's up to me to find all my junk tucked away all over the place and move it into my super-room! Yes, super-room is what I'm calling it.

I do have a confession, I haven't touched the Silhouette yet. I'm telling you, time is hard to come by. It seems like I should have more time but the time I have is just flying by. We've already been here almost 3 weeks and that's craziness!

Okay now for my actually To Do Tuesday.
I am seriously going to tackle my drawers today!! They are so full that they won't close properly and I've had it. Okay, I'm gonna make a confession...I hoard undies! No normal person, in their right mind needs as many undies as I have. I know that but I just can't seem to toss them. But today...they're gone!!

To Do Tuesday = Bathe stinky doggy. BTW, she's a ShihTzu and yes she should have long hair and did when we left her in the kennel. When we returned she looked like this. Don't get me started!!!

So I still have school books lying around and what's a girl to do with them? They're too good to throw out but it's too expensive to ship them to someone who needs them.
So, should I box them and put them with the multitudes of other boxes in the garage to never been seen or thought of again or what? Decisions, decisions. Either way, they're leaving my super-room today!

Oh, this has nothing to do with To Do Tuesday but I wanted to share it. I found it yesterday at Ikea. It was advertised as a lap table for a computer but it works wonderfully for Bible time. A neck can get pretty stiff staring down at your Bible for 10 chapters. So this works amazingly and it was cheap, which I love! Oh yea and look, it matches my Bible cover!! Thanks IKEA! 

Okay Guys, it's your turn! I can't wait to read your To Do Tuesdays!


  1. I think you accomplished a great deal Tori!! Your curtains are lovely and you will enjoy your super room! Love that name BTW! Today I am playing catch up after yesterday's holiday. I am doing some laundry. Then I plan a trip to the library, a stop at the card shop for some special greeting cards, Target for a few necessities and finally, I will spend some time cross stitching this afternoon before picking the grands up at school.

  2. You seemed to have gotten quite a bit marked off your 'to do list'. We had a quiet day. I seemed to have brought someone's 'bug' or cold from church on Sunday, so I babied myself all day. Today nothing exciting happening and like Arlene above, will pick up my grandson from school this afternoon.

  3. Good job! I had to chuckle at the chalk board list when it says "clean Tori's drawers"! I wondered how they got dirty and why it had to be on a to do list! lol Then the brain flow returned and I realized you meant dresser drawer!

    1. Bahahahaha That's great! Goodness, Tori! TMI! :)

    2. You mean don't get HER started! Doggy looked pretty ticked. Lol Love the curtains. Looks like you crossed out quite a few things to me! :)

  4. I appreciated what another missionary friend, Susan in Canada, said once about making goals - that even if she didn't complete everything on her list, she got further than she would have without it. That encouraged me.

    I can relate to the fun of pulling things from various nooks and crannies into the new sewing/craft room (what I call mine) I acquired when my middle son moved out. It's a good bit of work but fun to finally pull things together in a usable way. I've been setting up my room for five years now, LOL! I've decided it is going to be a continual work in progress. I've just gotten back to working in it this week, so I may share some photos for this next week.

    You've gotten lots done! The curtains and room look nice! Neat about the Ikea lap table! Looks like it would be good for propping a cookbook on a kitchen counter, too.

  5. I'd say you got a LOT done! Way to go! Love the curtains and the lap desk thing from IKEA. My husband built himself one for his office but I like yours better! And so sorry about your doggie's hair.

  6. Love your Bible stand! One of my greatest stumbling blocks when it comes to decluttering is the fact that not all of the junk belongs to me. And the fact that I married a pack rat! They don't address that in the decluttering books.


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