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Feb 15, 2015


Okay so on with the tour! Today I managed to get some photos of the living room (while it's clean) and thought I'd continue my missionary "dom" (home) tour. So part 3 is our living area. 

Downsizing to a 100 square meter house was a huge move. We moved from a 3 story family home when our boys left for college and it was just us 3. It was a bit hard to get used to being so close to each other in the house but I love it now. It's not big but it's just right for us. In 3 months we take our youngest daughter Hannah back to the States to begin her life and college in the Fall. When we return it'll be just my baby love and me so the house will be plenty big. 

 Our living area is really very small, it just barely fits our furniture but it makes for a very cozy chilling area especially with the wood burner. Oh yea and just in case you're wondering; those spots on the ceiling are little lights. I have to admit that I hate the fact that they are so random, there's no order to them at all and it bugs the fire out of me. Oh well everyone has something and those lights are mine.

Over the years I've managed to bring things back from the States after our furloughs. I love having English decor around the house, makes me feel very at home. 

 My desk has some special memories on it. Top left is a photo we took during a family vacation on the Adriatic Sea. On the right are photos of my children that we had made after we were here two years. It's been a long time since my children were that small, I miss it. The middle photo is our oldest son's graduation photo. He left in 2011 and began his life in Texas, seems like ages ago.

This is the entry from the foyer to the living area. I'm torn on the glass door bur since it's rented, I like it!

Zois favorite place is in front of the wood burner. 

 I have to tell you how much I LOVE this sectional. This is my dream couch and I'm so glad we were able to get it a few years ago. What's awesome about it is that it's an IKEA couch with a slipcover. This brown cover is completely washable and there are a ton of different patterns to choose from. I really wanna get a summery color but Dave says, if you want it, save for it and I haven't so I don't get it.

Once a Texan always a Texan. 

Every year here in our town there is a huge walking festival. Every year a lady sets up a stand in town and sells these lovely apples she makes. I absolutely love them and I'm planning to get a new one every year. I don't know where I'm gonna put them but I'm gonna get 'em anyways. 

I have this large photo wall on one of the walls and it's always a conversational piece when friends come to visit. This style is very American and when our Croatian friends come over they're always surprised by it. I love all the memories. 

This is the first family photo we had made after coming to Croatia. Our children were 9, 6 and 4 in this photo and this year they'll be 23, 20 and 18. 

I love all the special photos we have around our living room. It means so much to see photos of our boys everyday, it makes their absence a little easier.

Our little house isn't large but it is home. Regardless how difficult life gets, we can always come home and kick our feet up and tune out the world. Everyone needs that special place of refuge and our little home is just that.

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  1. Your home is so cozy Tori!! And those apples are gorgeous, I look forward to seeing the one you get this year. And yes, it is hard to see those kiddos grow and go but I remind myself that I did the job God gave to me and there is some pleasure in that!!

  2. Even though you are originally from somewhere else, I wonder if your kids consider Croatia home? :) What an adventure to grow up like this. I visited Croatia long ago, even spending a few days in Bosnia. It was just after the war and you could still feel it in the air. But that area of the world is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

  3. Aw! I love it all so much! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  4. It looks so cozy! I love the pictures of the family you have on the wall!

  5. Thank you for the tour of your living room. I love the photo wall. I didn't realize you had been in Croatia for such a long time. The sporadic lighting placement would make me a bit crazy too but I love the frosted glass door!

  6. I'm not sure where my comment ended up... My computer did a weird thing. Thank you so much for showing us your home. I love the space. It's sto cozy! The sectional fits right in. Just what I would want on a nice winter evening! :)

  7. You have a lovely home, Tori. I associate home with family...and you've done a wonderful job of creating that refuge for your family. xo

  8. It looks very cozy! Love the wall arrangements. In the second photo the ceiling lights look like they are in a semicircle around the room.

  9. Hi Tori! Thank you for a peek into your life in Croatia. I had no idea you have been there since your children were little people! I love your sectional too. I have a small family room, so I can't get big couches, or too wide. This one looks perfect for the space. I'm sure the dark color hides stains too, until you can get the slip covers washed.

    How does it feel to have two children launched, and one to start on her own next fall? I'm sure you are so happy for them, but it's gotta feel different too...
    Enjoy that heater :)

  10. I enjoyed your home tour. It's always fun to see how people decorate their homes and you did a lovely job. It looks very warm and cozy. Also, your dog is so adorable... :)

  11. I really like your place. Sometimes small is nice....less to clean! Small definitely makes better "cozy". I have pics of my kids on the wall too. Well,,,,not here in our missions apartment but in our normal house. Can't wait to move into a house again when our other one sells and God gives us the place He wants. For now the apartment is still coming together and is very convenient to church!! lol Just a walk downstairs! I love the wall with the key and L and how you use the key decore to go in the place.

  12. I've enjoyed your series! Loved seeing photos of what you see every day inside your home. Like the apple, too, and will be fun to see what you get this next time.

  13. Everything looks great! Love your style and the photo wall!

  14. I love the cozy feeling you have created in your home. So lovely. My husband and I are considering a move to Texas but it will be several years yet.


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