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Feb 20, 2015

INSTAFriday Episode #3

Hey guys! It's that time again, time for INSTAFriday! I am seriously loaded down this week with all sorts of stuff so I have been crazy busy. Between sick members and driving them back and forth to hospital and Stateside problems its just been a crazy week. I have to apologize to all my bloggy friends out there for not stopping by this week, life sometimes throws a curve ball but i'll be back next week. I miss reading all your pleasant blogs. 

First thing this week I was thrilled to see this forecast. I'm so OVER all the snow and cold weather. Although it has been cold all week it's been dry and with the glorious sun coming out to visit out days have felt very warm. I'm loving it and seriously pining for Spring. 

This is not a skinny pancake as it looks it's a crepe and a special one at that. This crepe is low-carb and made only from eggs and cream cheese. I shared it because it's one way to get in my eggs for the day. I started an egg fast this week to try to move past the plateau I've been on for 5 months. I have bounced up and down 5 lbs for 5 months. I'm so ready to be at goal and begin maintenance that it's killing me! Anyhoo, more on that later. 

I posted this because I love it! What a wonderful life we would live if we would just begin to look at life this way. I'm gonna really try this week, well next, to think like this. I do in general but as I get older I find myself a little more pessimistic than optimistic. Lincoln was one wise feller!

Finally, I'm sharing one of the 8 updates I've done this week on my egg fast. Didn't want to bore (sp?) you so I spared you the other 7. Today is my 8th weigh-in and I have lost 8 lbs as of today. My goal is 10 lbs. lost by my 10th day on the fast. It's really been very easy. I started off wanting to do 5 days and just keep adding. After my 10 lbs. lost I'm gonna slowly transition back to low-carb for a week or two and do the fast again. I'd love to be at goal and maintaining by the time we return to the States the end of April. It's so close!!

Anyhoo, there's my INSTAFriday. Hope you will link up and join me today. Promise to take time to check out your INSTAFriday posts, cross my heart!


  1. Good for you with your weight loss. Low carb is sure working for you. I like the Abraham Lincoln saying. Very true. Have a lovely sunny day.

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss. I started doing Weight Watchers in January and am down 16 lbs. I'm happy, but still have a long road to travel. I like the Abe Lincoln quote. I can sometimes get in the negativity rut and it's good to remember there are roses at the end of the thorns. Have a blessed day, Heather

  3. Schools are out today as we are expecting some snow mid day and the school system just gave everyone a day off! Next week looks to be warmer and I will be thankful for that. I agree with you that as we get older we often become pessimistic. My friends and I were having breakfast yesterday and we all decided we would like for Jesus to COME SOON. It is easy to become discouraged looking at the world news but then we can be encouraged because we know God is in control. I think the martyrdom of the Egyptian Christians has been a wake up call to the Church. Good job with your wt it harder to stay on diet here in the USA? I know when my son came home from his mission work overseas, he wanted to eat every thing that he could not get there!!

  4. Looks like you're in a heat wave over there! It's a lot colder in Tn. right now.
    Love that quote from Lincoln! It's all in perspective, isn't it?

  5. Congratulations on your weight loss! Way to go!

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss! I'll have to tell my d-i-l about those crepes. She has been having stomach issues she thinks might be gluten sensitivity, so she's trying to go gluten-free to see if that helps.

  7. I've always liked that quote from Lincoln.
    Hope you are having a good week!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss. I've got to does fasting from eggs help in weight loss? I'm clueless abut that.

  9. Anonymous9:25 PM

    That's a lovely quote -- and quite apropos since I have several dozen rose bushes, several of which are definitely "thorn bushes"! And congrats on the weight loss. Isn't it wonderful how versatile and nutritious God made eggs?

    Oh, and enjoy your blog hiatus. I'm already looking forward to your return :-)


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