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Feb 12, 2015


Hey Guys!! Welcome to Episode #2 of INSTAFriday! I'm really excited that so many people said they wanted to link up with me so at the bottom of this post you'll find a link up. Just put in your info so that others can find your INSTAFriday posts and make sure to take the INSTAFriday image below or use a text link to link back to this post.  

Okay so that's all the boring details, let's go!!

My Instagram feed was quite busy this week. We started the week with a ton of snow fall and lots of shoveling.  Snow, snow and more snow! I'm so ready for Spring!!

I feel so bad for Johnny 'cause when it snows like this he has no sons here to send out to clean it, it all falls on him, Ha! literally! He was out 4 times this day shoveling and after it all our front yard was more than a meter deep in snow. Okay, I'm changing the song! "Snow, snow go away, come again some other day!" like a year from now!

All that shoveling made for some very sleep guys. Johnny and Zoi enjoyed a little shut-eye here and there. I seriously need to set my shutter on my phone to silent cause I woke my baby up and he so needed the sleep.

Apparently Zoi gets around. Here she is helping Hannah with her math. She's a crazy doggie! It's strange that she likes those dining chairs so much. I think she's confused about her role in the family. No, before you ask, she doesn't sit there with us for dinner. That's just gross! Unless you do it, and then it's sweet. Uh-hum.

I love being able to help Hannah in Sunday School. She's learned a lot from fellow missionary Melissa Houston and is turning out to be a great SS teacher. The kids love her and I can see her one day teaching her own children.

We went out on Tuesday night to try to beat the snowed-in feeling and it was fun. We played pool (we each won one), walked around the mall (hubby's idea, go figure!) oh and (don't look a gift horse in the mouth)and then we had a wonderful meal at the Kneginec Hiza.

I'm loving all the Valentine's Day decor around the mall, perfect photo op for my and by huney!

Hannah and I couldn't help take photos in these cool old leather chairs. Felt like we were in the wild west. She loves all things vintage and old. She's a very old spirit actually. She loves old black and white movies and she's forever driving me nuts with facts and songs I have never heard.

I took this photo of the little flower on my spider plant because it made me so happy. I know it's not a big deal but if did give me a little memory of how wonderful Spring is and I can't wait!!!

Okay friends, that's it for my INSTAFriday, now it's your turn to link up!! Can't wait to check out your INSTAFriday posts!!


  1. This is such a great idea for a linkup! Thanks for hosting.
    Please feel free to send snow to Tennessee...I'm in desperate need of a snow day!

  2. I'm headed over right now to follow you on Instagrsn! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. What a fun post. I'm not on instagram, but enjoyed reading about your week. I love the snow and would enjoy some more here in Ohio. I look forward to following your posts. Take care, Heather

  4. I love peeking into your world Tori!! We might get some snow on Monday but I am not going to get too excited about it yet.:) So far we have had none this year but that is ok too! Loved the picture of you and Hannah!

  5. Aren't the flowers on the spider plant so pretty and delicate? I just love them. WOW...when you get snow you get SNOW! Love it that your daughter has a very old spirit. She and I would get along just great! :)

  6. Oh Tori, all fo that snow.... you are so lucky! I know, you are not thinking that right now :) I live in the mountains and typically we have snow like that throughout Winter, but this year has been crazy and for the last month and a half we have had Spring-like weather with temperatures in the low 50's. I am a Winter gal so it's been a little....odd for me :)

    Fun pictures, my dear. Stay warm and safe. Hugs to you and Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. I really enjoyed all these photos! I'm so glad we have dodged most of the snow this year. It has managed to go around us at almost every turn! :) We have had some bitter cold temps which I can live with if the sun shines sometimes. Mister and I are going to dinner and a movie tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day. I cannot tell you the last time we did something like that, just the two of us! I'm looking forward to it!

    1. Aww, hope you guys have a wonderful time!

  8. Seeing that smile on your daughter's face while teaching was SO cute!!!

  9. I love that your daughter is learning to teach at such an early age. God has a place for her in His service for sure.

  10. Such fun to get a look at your week, Tori! Thanks for sharing. We have plenty of snow here too. More predicted for tomorrow and Sunday .... we haven't been inundated -- though we do have PLENTY of snow -- just not as much as Boston and other places south of here. It's just cold here today. Beautiful and sunny, but very cold. Here at nearly 2:30 in the afternoon, it is still only 7ºF. and feels like minus 6ºF. with the wind chill.

    A half dozen couples from our church had planned to go out to dinner together for Valentine's Day tomorrow night, but the snow may prevent that. Oh well, it was a nice idea!

  11. I enjoyed your photos today. Such a lot of snow! Your hubby deserves a nap. I love old vintage things too and hate that they have colorized some of the old black and white classics. Have a lovely Valentine's Day.

  12. What a fun weekend! I am so glad we don't get that much snow. Love how Zoi gets around and the heart background with your husband.

    You're not by chance related to a Kathryn Bethea, are you? She was my pastor's wife at our church in SC when we were there (well, she still is his wife, but we moved away. :-) But you look a lot like her.

  13. Lovely shot of you and your daughter in the leather chairs! I'm a fan of just about all things leather, and those chairs are very nice--and you and your daughter are beautiful! Looks like your husband has a cold job--he needs some gloves and a stocking hat!

  14. look at all that snow! The dog looks so cute doing math with your daughter :)


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