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My Italian Adventure Part 1

How blessed we are to get occasional visits from supporting pastors and we were super-excited to have the pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Burnet, Texas; Jimmy Frazier and his wife Christy and 3 kids (including the young lady our middle son Josh is courting) join us in our part of the world. 

Well our adventure started in the amazing city of Venice. Talk about top 10 on most bucket lists, Venice is amazing. Venice is very near to Croatia and actually some of modern day Croatian coast once belonged to Italy. 

Anyhow, after finding FINALLY finding parking space we took off to see Venice with one of the few modes of transportation...our feet. 

BTW, the view from the top of our parking garage was amazing. 

I love all the balconies and flowers. 

Bryan, the oldest Frazier boy looks like he was staged as he eye-balled all the goodies. 

I seriously wanted a meringue but there was no way I was paying 5 Euro for one. 

We took some time to have some Italian Gelato and they said (I'm not an ice cream kinda gal) it was delish!

This guy tickled me! Check out the length of his shirt and his convenient hand placement. Too funny. 

Did you know that Venice also has a leaning tower? Well, there it is. I imagine most things in the watery city leans one way or another. 

Super-love all the Venician glass. 


The buildings were to die for. I can just imagine living in one of those quaint little colored cottages. 

Oh yea and the gondolas were awesome. We didn't take a ride this time but we did have the privilege of riding in one 12 years ago. Amazing. 

Check out the peppers in the market, lovely. 

The Venician masks and art in Venice were amazing. I could have hung around those shops for hours.

Hannah enjoying some shopping. 

Love the variety of windows in this place. 

I loved the vines growing along this building but I super-love the man in this photo.  


We finally made it to St. Marks square and it was worth the hours of walking. The one bummer is that it was very crowded. 


The architecture was amazing. It was surreal to be standing by the buildings I have seen in so many movies. I just felt like jotting... TORI WAS HERE, on the side of that buildeing but I thought, nah!

Here we are on St. Marks square. 

Venice really was amazing and totally worth the trip. 

Soon, maybe even tomorrow, Part 2 of my Italian Adventure with the beautiful Italian countryside, Pisa and the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

Addio miei amici!!


  1. Oh so loved these! I felt like I was there! Thanks for sharing. I always love your pics!

  2. Emily and I loved your pictures. She really LOVES Italian stuff...being that she is 1/4 Italian and all. lol :)

    1. 1/4 Italian is nothing to laugh at! ;0) Italy is a neat place even though the big city is beyond crazy!

  3. I Really enjoyed Italy, especially with you there mom!!!

  4. I sure do love (and miss) those great people at Northside Baptist Church. It looks like you all had a great time! Thank you for sharing your memories.


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