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Nov 9, 2013

My Italian Adventure Part 2

After we left the lovely Venice, we made our way across the Italian countryside including crossing the Apennine Mountains and onto the Tyrrhenian Sea coast. Our first stop was the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

The tower is amazing. Not only is it...DUH...leaning but it's beautifully constructed of what seems to be marble. 

The tower is seriously leaning, not a little but we're talkin' about major lean-age.  

I tried to get Hannah to do the whole iconic "holding the tower up" shot but she was having no part of it. She's 16 you know and she was afraid she'd end up in someones shot doing this...

**photo found floating around cyber-space**

We actually enjoyed seeing the tower the most. It really is a huge feat that it's still standing albeit leaning. 

Hannah and Bridgette had to get there photo snapped too, for braggin' rights you know!

The area around the tower was also very impressive. The different stones or types of marble used made for a puzzle-like appearance. Beautiful!

Super-loved this simplicity of this done on one of the buildings. So pretty. 

Okay so you're wondering why I snapped a photo of folks waiting around. Well...Italy was so multicultural-ed and Croatia so isn't that I was loving all the colors of folks. You know after living in a country where everyone looks alike it's nice to see some variety. And on top of the variety of folks there dress was just as interesting. Case in point: the lovely lady seeing the sites in a gorgeous kimono. Amazing right! 
BTW, they were waiting in a line to climb the tower to the top via stairs. How many steps you ask...surprisingly there are only 294 steps to the top of the tower. Regardless, climbing them in that kimono was going to be a challenge. 

Just more lovely buildings. 

Hannah was haggling to get a snow-globe for her collection. The Indian dealers we're good but we were better!

After seeing Pisa we continued down the Tuscan coast and stopped to see the Tyrrhenian Sea. I didn't even know there was a Tyrrhenian Sea. Have you honestly even heard of the Tyrrhenian Sea? I don't even remember learning about it in school. Anyhow, it does exist and it's purty!

I loved watching this fisherman with his long rod out in the surf, so peaceful. 

Lastly, since I'm down to one kiddo still at home, here she is; my sweet 16 year old Hannah. She's growing up way too soon and I'm fully aware that before long I'm gonna have to start taking photos of my dog Zoi since my kids will all have flown the coop. Guess since we're not there yet I'll just keep taking photos of her. 
It's funny, the first child is born and you wear out a camera taking photos of the sweet thing. Then the second comes along and he gets way less lens time and by the time the baby comes, What camera??? Apparently it all works out in the end when they start leaving. For one thing after the first leaves you start to realize that empty nest syndrome is real and inevitable (if you do the whole parenting this correctly) so you start trying to redeem the time but when there's only one left, it's like: 
Aww, she's sleeping, SNAP. 
Aww, she's eating, SNAP. 
Aww, she's wearing makeup, SNAP.
Aww, she's smiling, SNAP.
Aww, she's laughing, SNAP. 
Aww, she's singing, SNAP
Aww, she's bathing....GOTCHA!

Anyhow, we loved Pisa and if you're ever over this way, (like people just happen to be over this way) don't forget to go see Pisa, it's totally worth it. Oh yea, and take the silly "holding-the-tower-up" photo, it'll make the grand kids crack-up!

We're still not finished with my Italian Adventure. Coming up, Part 3...ROME!



  1. Gorgeous pictures! But my favorite is the one of *everyone* "holding" up the leaning tower... I am still laughing! SO Funny!

  2. I loved all the photos! :) It's so beautiful. I hope I'm one of those people who "happens to be over that way" someday. :)


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