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Oct 22, 2013

Watching the leaves fall while running around crazy-like.

I have to say, out of all the times of the year Fall is magical for me. I can't tell you what true joy I get from watching the leaves float through the air and kicking them softly as we walk through town. I wait all year for Fall because it really is the most amazing time of year.

With Fall comes lots of ministry happenings too. We celebrated Harvest Sunday a month ago and we're getting ready to start mission conference in our church this coming Friday. We also just had our very first wedding in the church, Marija and Mladen are both in their 50s and decided to finally make their relationship line up with the Bible. We are thrilled that they've decided to make their relationship right in the eyes of The Lord.

Oh wait, did I say we currently have house guests? No? Well we are delighted to have our good friends here with us for two weeks. Bro. Frazier will be preaching our mission conference this week and then next we are all of to see Italy. We'll be gone for a week and we're gonna see Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome. It's a dream trip and I'm so glad we're getting to take it with our friends.

Actually today we're headed off to see one of the castles in Northern Croatia, Trakoscan is one of the nicest, most intact castles around, the view from the top is amazing.

Back to the ministry stuff. We have had an amazing two months at the church in Varaždin. I started playing the piano on Sunday mornings after using the digital music box for years. Anyhow, the great thing about a live pianist is that the invitation can go as long as we choose. Since we started with the live music we have had an unprecedented 7 people walk the isle to be saved. It's amazing! The Holy Spirit has been doing such a work that we are celebrating daily concerning His goodness.

The other great thing on the horizon is the organizational meeting for Victors Baptist Church. Until now the church has been a church plant off of the first church we planted in Čakovec but we are finally ready to organize into a local, autonomous independent Baptist church. We are overjoyed at what the Lord has done at our church and the folks He's sent our way. We have one more thing to do before we organize and that's to baptist a few people. We're so excited to see God working not only in the church but in the personal lives of our people.

So, things are crazy busy here and I could have told you about so much more but I'm out of time. Ha! I'm just glad I was able to get much in.

I actually love my blog and all of you so it's important to keep blogging but finding time is a killer. But...stay tuned for Italy photos! Yeah, can't wait!


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  1. How exciting with all the stuff happening! Also for your upcoming trip. Looking forward to pics! You have been blessed to be called to such a beautiful area of the world! love your pics


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