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Oct 12, 2013

what happened to my baby?

It seems like yesterday our firstborn son was born. It wasn't yesterday, no, it was 21 years ago today. Cody has been a joy to parent. He's loves the Lord and his family very much. We miss him tremendously especially on days like this. These days are the hardest to endure as a missionary but I know he has many loving relatives and a wonderful church family to spend his birthday with. He's training to be a missionary and will one day be coming home to Croatia to serve these wonderful people. Can't wait!

We love you Cody, with all our hearts. 
Happy 21st birthday!! Thank you for making me a mom. 



  1. Happy "giving birth" day to you and happy "being born" day to your son. What a joy to know that your son will be returning to the mission field.

  2. My son, Johnny, moved to Texas the day before his 21st. Now he is 22 and I didn't get to be there either. But we are planning a trip to see him at Thanksgiving! I feel your pain. Watch some home videos from his childhood! ;)

  3. You don't even look old enough to have a 21 year old son! :)


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