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Roll Hem Tutorial

About two years ago my favorite sewing machine mysteriously died. I reluctantly stuck it in a case and put it out in the garage. Well two days ago my wonderful amazing awesome husband fix my machine!! Yes you heard right, after two years we had a real life resurrection. Johnny took my machine apart and replaced a few blown components and WALLAH! it works!!

So with my fav. machine working again I've been sewing like a mad glad woman. I'm working on a new clown costume for Hannah and I happened to see the roll foot and realized I didn't have a clue how to use it and more than likely if i didn't know how to use it maybe you didn't either.

Here we go!
 photo null_zps2d7d61c4.jpg
Okay so the rolled hem foot is pretty simple regardless how it looks. Go ahead and change the foot on the machine and we're ready

 photo null_zps4ec76e2a.jpg
I read somewhere that it's a good idea to put the needle down in the folded fabric but then I realized that if your sewing, say a skirt then when you make a full circle and make it back to the starting point then you have a problem with a hem that has already been stitched wrong. 

 photo null_zps570aedff.jpg
I manually turned the fabric under for the hem  and now you need to pull the fabric up into the little cone shaped area and as the feed dogs pull the fabric the cone will automatically shape the hem and keep it lined up as it sews. 

 photo null_zpscd2c031c.jpg
The foot actually does it all, all you have to do is look cute and give it gas!

 photo null_zps9b89aba0.jpg
It is really super easy to use the roll hem foot and actually once the fabric is in place it's very easy to feed it and the machine does the rest. 

 photo null_zps7e528e3b.jpg
Look at that! Super easy and it looks non-homemade! :0)
Hope this is helpful, I know it's changed my life!!

BTW, totally not related to this post but Hubby and I are off to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary in Vienna, Austria. Tons of photos to follow!!



  1. ok lots of "YaYs" in this post.. yay, for the machine being fixed.... yay for you and the rolled hem... yay for the tutorial.... and yay yay yay for the trip to Australia and yay, yay, yay,yay, YAY for 22 years :)

  2. Wow! Love this! I need to see if I have one for my machine!


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