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Aug 8, 2013

celebrating our 22nd in Vienna

Our 22nd wedding anniversary was on the 29th of June and with life as usual we weren't able to get away or do anything for our anniversary so when time and finances allowed off we went. We drove 3.5 hours north of us to Vienna, Austria. We've actually been to Vienna before but it was 12 years ago and we were showing American guests around so I barely remember it.

Vienna is a beautiful city and the history here is amazing. We managed to keep from driving anywhere by buying the Vienna Card and taking public transportation everywhere. The Underground is actually very easy to use and it's amazing how fast it takes to go miles. Oh yea and Vienna is super safe and we never felt threatened.
 photo null_zpsdfa4fbd2.jpg
There is a boo-koo of photos below and no way am I gonna comment on them all but I'll comment here and there.
 photo null_zpsb0290307.jpg
We actually did really well saving money. The most impressive part of the above royal palace was the outside so we declined to pay the $50 a person to see the inside. Okay, so to be truthful, there's no way we would have paid $50 regardless what was inside. :0) The grounds and gardens were amazing and there was so much to see.
 photo null_zps977857ae.jpg
BTW, I super-love this man!!

 photo null_zps1c079d67.jpg

 photo null_zpsb11f8815.jpg
22 years and more in love than ever!

 photo null_zps1be6c237.jpg

 photo null_zpsf817cda5.jpg

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 photo null_zps412bfa44.jpg

 photo null_zpsc80fc603.jpg 

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I thought this was the funniest sign. Behind the bars are a ton of very old cannons and I guess the sign is showing the exactly where to stand to have the highest possibility of being hit by a falling cannon ball. Maybe???

 photo null_zps2c0f0a7d.jpg
The outside of the military museum at the Arsenal was amazing.

 photo null_zps1da588d4.jpg
Look at the ceilings, man someone spent a ton of time looking up.

 photo null_zps966f8667.jpg

 photo null_zps743e19c8.jpg
I love the chandeliers, gorgeous!

 photo null_zps7a945815.jpg
We also headed up in the Danube Tower, the views were amazing.

 photo null_zps4060566e.jpg
BTW, that is the Danube and not it's not blue. :0)

 photo null_zpsdafe25fa.jpg

 photo null_zpsc63c4e8e.jpg

 photo null_zps8cd2afce.jpg
I got a kick out of the above sign. I guess you are allowed to make calls on the flower phone, ride your bike, fall down, drive your can in the red tube, walk your dog and run from trees. Hmm.
 photo null_zpsf401276f.jpg
The architecture is amazing in Vienna, not only the historic but the modern too. Love this yellow thinggy. 

 photo null_zpsab453077.jpg

 photo null_zps703762eb.jpg

 photo null_zpsd2adbcb4.jpg

 photo null_zps8b138946.jpg
I super-love this chicken on the above building. Who needs gargoyles anyhow?

 photo null_zpsff3979bf.jpg

 photo null_zps39d3f60d.jpg
I loved learbing that the Romans created Legos 2 thousand years ago. Too funny!

 photo null_zpsed65775f.jpg

 photo null_zps3649484c.jpg

 photo null_zps24608451.jpg
Yes, that's my finger. 

 photo null_zpsf1f48fd7.jpg

 photo null_zps68f6029e.jpg

 photo null_zps48218449.jpg

 photo null_zps5875a7cf.jpg

 photo null_zpsb660fe0a.jpg

 photo null_zps74c65ace.jpg

 photo null_zpsfec16eba.jpg

 photo null_zps23eb3dd8.jpg
I fell in love with the butterfly house. It looks so 1800s. Beautiful.

 photo null_zps9a112e44.jpg
I love the ceiling in the Burger King. You know the Whopper tastes completely different when eaten under that ceiling.

 photo null_zps09860244.jpg
The above ferris wheel is actually and antique ferris wheel that has been redone in recent years. The cars are original.

 photo null_zps1e0d383b.jpg
We decided to ride this one instead, since the cars were open and it was only 100 degrees outside. 

 photo null_zps38e54db0.jpg
Oh look what we found in the mall. Starbucks! Okay I know how some of you feel about Starbucks but we bought one anyhow. It was interesting that the guy who sold it to us was actually American and he was from Phoenix. 

 photo bb3b749e-1244-4d19-b73d-b621a964b98b_zps078da07e.jpg
I had to take a photo of the floor chandeliers in the lobby of our hotel, are they not to die for!

 photo 7e2faa7c-9fcd-42a2-86ff-8950ec89b188_zpsec502b4f.jpg
Finally, just a little fun. This is where you park your car if your little daughter happens to have horns!

Anyhoo, hope I didn't bore you to death but Vienna was so amazing I wanted to share.



  1. Happy for you that you were able to get away. I love all the architecture. So Pretty...and the legos are pretty funny. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing those great pics! I love the architecture in other countries. The USA is definitely lacking in that category! Glad you had a great time!


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