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Kids leave home...

...I get a new office!!!

 photo null_zpsaa03c453.jpg
I'm so excited to have a new craft room office as I like to call it. Johnny took Hannah's old room and turned it into a room just for me. It's awesome!! He put up shelves and then added a cool counter top desk across the entire wall.

 photo null_zps19edb72b.jpg
I added a small curtain on either side to hide some of the unfinished projects storage. I'm seriously not finished decorating, I still need to add curtains, and some decor to the shelves but for now they're functioning pretty well.  I guess I need to take a trip to IKEA and buy storage boxes and a white board. I thought I would get crafty and use an old photo frame with a solid piece of fabric behind the glass but alas, the glare from the window is too much and I'm in search for a white board again. Now I'll have to go to IKEA, bummer. :0)

Oh yea and see that sewing machine there on the counter, well I broke it yesterday. No, really I did. I am making a new clown costume for Hannah and it's gonna be so cute. Anyhow, I'm stitching away and I hit a pin and completely mess up the timing on my machine. Hey I even looked online and watched a youtube video to try to fix it, no luck. So today the machine is at a friends house and I'm praying it'll be well enough to come home tomorrow.
 photo 7191084681abf003538f2b3018d81c82_zps9073ef4f.jpg
BTW, there's the fabric for the clown costume, it's gonna be rainbow-licious if I ever get my machine back. Oh the's killing me. Hey I have to be in the mood to sew and when the wave comes along I have to ride it before it's gone again. I'm ready to sew now I just don't have a machine. 

Anyhow, I'm pretty excited about my new office and I guess there is one thing good about children going to college, okay there's a few but having an extra room is really one of the coolest. 


  1. LOL! Funny! There are good things about kids leaving the nest even though we miss them terribly. Love the new room! I've been looking for a desk or smaller table to create my own "office" for sewing because when I do it at the kitchen table it makes my back hurt so badly that I put off sewing. The table is too high up for this shorty and it pinches something between my shoulder blades. I too must be in the mood to sew and I'm not very good at it but I like to do it when I'm in the mood. There is something satisfying about creating something with your own hands. Most recently, I made Bob a camouflage apron (manly!) to wear when we do our canning together so that salsa wouldn't splatter on his clothes! Sorry about your machine...hope it is well soon! I really like that big counter space.

  2. Tammy, Love the idea of the camo apron. Sounds like a good father's day gift.

  3. So cool! Love the room! You are not going to want to move when the time comes! Can't wait to have a room of my own and hopefully it is before the kids move out. :)

  4. I love the room and the fabric! :) Your man did a great job!

  5. Shhhhhh.....don't tell anyone....I have plans to turn my youngest daughter's room into an "office" also! My oldest is 18 and ready to fly the coop, so its almost reno time. :)

  6. Shhhh......I secretly have plans on what to do with my youngest's room when my oldest moves out. Craft room deluxe! Don't tell any one :)


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