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A Clown is born!

We got the idea for Hannah's clown costume while we were visiting our friends the Brantleys in N. Carolina. We found these cool man overalls with bright green stitching at a local thrift store and stashed them for her costume. Then we bought these rainbow suspenders for a buck
(also at a thrift store) and they fit into our whole rainbow thinggy perfectly. So here's her first clown costume and it fits her personality to a T. 

 photo null_zps277424a1.jpg

She was not just dressed as a clown she was a clown and I think she's found her niche in life. She's always a little zanny and bright, so this was right up her alley. 

 photo 7e42c827-c17a-49e3-9422-3034db53d4d5_zps585bcdb7.jpg

Everyone loved her especially our senior saints. :0)

 photo bdbba399-6db9-40d9-859e-eec63678cc5a_zpsa12127dc.jpg

Anyhow, I loved making her rufflicious costume and she wears it well. 

 photo b3b48b85-b007-4861-b611-859762bf2479_zps34e10e75.jpg

So now Johnny is surrounded by clowns, poor guy lucky man!



  1. Oh my word, that is the cutest thing. I want a skirt like that for Kendall to wear. I've been wondering what the clown costume was going to be for. Is it part of the ministry? Looks like she takes after her mom!

  2. How cute! The costume turned out so adorable.

  3. Awesome job on the outfit! It is adorable!

  4. love it. I always wanted to be a clown. I have a friend who was one and did these awesome face paintings.. sounded like the coolest "job" EVER

  5. Uhhh....and when were you in NC, little missy? Or did I know that and I've forgotten?
    What part of NC were you passing through?


  6. Hey remember I asked you where you were at and it was too far from Lewisburg which is east of Rayleigh-Durham. Next time....totally gonna see ya!

  7. That turned out soooooo cute! I love it! Love your clown look, too. You are such a cool mom. :o) Thanks for the sweet comments on my pictures.


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