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Jul 9, 2013

Happy Sweet 16 Hannah

Yesterday (belated) our baby Hannah turned 16. I can't imagine her being 16 for more than one reason. For one thing, where did 15, 14 13 and 12 go? for another thing, how did I get this old?

 photo 07049080-afd3-49a1-969e-8eecdb30444a_zps86cdcc70.jpg

Hannah was born in our bedroom at home in Arlington on a very hot July day. From the time she was born she was a delight, except for the first week of non-stop crying. 

 photo 1537eb43-04e4-4d99-b141-cd0baf667bdd_zps8ef02338.jpg

 photo 8993c410-fed4-4721-85aa-80d144a4d996_zpsb65333f5.jpg

 photo 880820d4-4270-4557-b8ed-9037e1eb313d_zps16b5f169.jpg

 photo 1cdd870e-dd02-4222-94a6-c8229a6e79f8_zpsa57844c9.jpg

She was a joy as a toddler. She was always smiling and everyone loved her. We started deputation when she was 9 months old and I'm sure she was responsible for the majority of our support. She was such a bright little girl and she stole many a pastor's heart along the deputation trail.

 photo 889002f9-e0ab-4ede-9fe0-0eb5a86d8959_zps7161cdca.jpg

We arrived in Croatia 2 years short of her 3rd birthday. She was still learning to speak English when she began to learn Croatian. 

 photo img017_zpsce571b0a.jpg

Her bright blue eyes and curly hair made for an adorable little girl. 

 photo 13f21910-77d8-41cb-b105-11d132a9acf9_zpsa24d79bb.jpg

She loved to help Mom in the kitchen and was always mixing stuff and experimenting.

 photo 12427812-db41-43fd-a702-6f60451fbaec_zps7cc6d294.jpg

 photo img016_zps351cb4df.jpg

 photo 21d784b1-c0d3-4c07-9ad8-953a9a75584a_zpsdb4871de.jpg

Hannah was and is always smiling. She's always singing and she has a real song in her heart. She has a lovely voice and uses it to praise the Lord. 

 photo img028_zps1a57bb09.jpg

 photo img024_zps8b7334ca.jpg

She's growing into a lovely young lady. 

 photo img027_zpsf2062df4.jpg

Hannah has been a joy to parent. She has never complained about being on the mission field and she's a huge help. She has a heart for the Lord and for those in need. She has always been drawn to the needy and she has the ability to find a hurting heart and be there to comfort. She feels that the Lord would have her spend her life sharing the Gospel with the deaf. She has already been able to work with the deaf and she's is learning ASL and Croatian signing also. 

Her Dad and I love her so much. We are so thankful that the Lord allowed us to be her parents. We are excited to see what He's going to do with her life. 

                         We love you Hannah,
                                Happy 16th Birthday!!



  1. Happy Birthday Hannah! It seems like last year you were blogging about tweens! :)

  2. Oh my.... what a beautiful little girl! And now... young lady!

  3. Beautiful, inside and out!!!!!!! What a lovely tribute to your daughter and what a thrill for you to be able to say them in truth!

  4. So precious...makes me want to cry! Happy birthday, Hannah!

  5. Happy Birthday, Hannah! WOW! Sixteen! My Hannah just turned 18 and it is very unreal.
    Loved the beautiful pictures. Sweet post! :)

  6. AWww this was a sweet post. I enjoyed seeing her pics.... What a beauty. ... Happy (late) birthday

  7. Thank you To the sweetest,greatest,most wonderful mom in the whole wide world!!
    You mean so much to me!!!!


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