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This little piggy went to market

Every Thursday and Saturday morning we (ladies) are out tracting this one particular area ironically called, Texas and every time we're out we pass the flea market. If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you know that I love flea markets and we have some good ones here in Croatia. I finally managed to talk my partners into stopping the other day and take a look-see. I loved it but my friends weren't so enthusiastic.

I left empty handed except for a few photos...
 photo dc9a7d32-2793-478a-af5c-eb95a19c29a3_zpscc12b751.jpg

 photo d51c6ddc-04ae-4086-aa6f-8ee9be085f68_zps9f803405.jpg

 photo 80a2c57a-fad4-4cd5-a3e2-03934ac016f1_zps57101d11.jpg

 photo 17804623-e643-4bd9-a5d4-6f5722e15b1e_zps275d29b9.jpg

BTW, I love this sorta stuff! Any I almost bought the runner in the photo below, the one in middle right side of the photo, it's turquoise and red!!! but she wanted 80 Kuna (15 smackeroos) for it, what was she thinking? She must have loved it more than me.
 photo 50b42705-497b-42c5-bce8-86e35bf3082a_zps9c76070c.jpg

This is the little stall I found the runner in, I'm thinking about going back and haggling a little, of which I stink, btw.
 photo f20771c1-4d96-4240-9741-98512533fd6d_zpsc7d86fd1.jpg

So I did leave empty handed but I'm thinking about a return trip soon to see if my runner is still there. Think I'll take a look on YouTube to see if there are any how-to videos for haggling. :0)



  1. I love the open air markets here in Mexico. My husband-not so much. He's one-stop shopper.

    1. TORI12:20 AM
      Sarah Joy, my husband too! I bet your market is cheaper than mine! These folks are crazy about their stuff and charge and arm and leg for junk. ;

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  3. Here in Missouri, flea markets have gotten too pricey for the most part but I love yard sales and especially subdivision sales. Have found great bargains this way. I also love thrift stores (true thrift not consignment) where you can find great deals.

    1. Tammy, I love thrift shops. On our last furlough we shipped a container of Bibles to Croatia and as we traveled I looked for treasure in thrift stores and sold the stuff on eBay. Made a ton of money to ship that container. It was funny to hear my husband ask me when I was going thriftiness again. He was in to the whole making money thing. ;0)

  4. Looks like place I would love to go.


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