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Apr 17, 2013

Amarillo, church & mucinex

We arrived in Amarillo on Friday and spent a wonderful weekend with the good folks of Central Baptist Church. We love Pastor Chadwick and his sweet and very funny wife Arlene. We had a great Sunday and saw two saved in the Morning service.

Johnny then decided to get sick and has been in bed with a fever for two days. Praise The Lord it looks like he's on the mend. We all know that when it comes to sickness men are surely the weaker  gender. ;0)

We are looking forward to our meeting tonight with Arden Road Baptist Church and then on to some other small towns here in the Panhandle.

If Johnny ever gets better we'll probably really enjoy this trip since its only Johnny and I. Josh and Hannah are staying with family and caring for their Grandma who just had surgery. So it's just us, yeah!

We gonna go see the sights here in Amarillo as soon as my sweetie is better and I'll be sharing lots of photos. Guess what's here,

 photo image_zps6f0bf9b4.jpg
 The Cadillac ranch, you know the place where they buried a whole lot of Cadillacs. Really, I'm not kidding. You'll see.


  1. So glad you are having fun! I hope your husband feels better soon!

  2. Praise the Lord for the two saved! Enjoy your time together and praying for a quick recovery for Johnny.


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