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Early To Rise Challenge

Okay so I usually don't like to do to back-to-back posts but I had to add this one. 
I was over at ByGrace and Susan posted about this Early to Rise Challenge that is going on over at Money Saving Mom. I am so in on this! I have slipped into a really bad habit of sleeping late and I know I shouldn't be, so here I go. The challenge started today, March 1, but since I missed today I'm starting tomorrow. Better late than never, right? 
I'm looking forward to a quiet early morning and having everything done by 9. Who knows maybe i'll even have time to do a craft or read! 

So whatcha think? Are you in?



  1. I have always been an early riser and love how much free time I have in my day to do fun things like go for coffee with my hubby or go hit some golf balls at the driving range with him. :-) GREAT challenge!

  2. I'm already an early riser and have little ones at my door at 7:15 am so in order to get most of my morning routine done before they arrive I need to be up by 5am. But even being an early bird, I have been so tired and hitting the snooze button a lot. And then been in a rush. Starting this week, I'm getting up at 5am--no pushing the snooze!


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