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Flat Stanley, um.....Winkler Express

We were so excited to be the first stop on the Winkler Express heading around the world. Rachel over at Rachel's Reflections is doing this fun "flat Stanley" project with her kids and we were stop #1!

It was cool to get something from Estonia. We actually had to look it up to figure exactly where Estonia is. I was surprised it was so far north. 

Anyhoo, we took photos with the Winkler Express all over town. 

The above photo brought some unexpected trials. Our little doggie Zoi slipped off her leash as a biker passed and she was gone! She is notorious for being a naughty evil girl and not coming when we call her. She has stopped traffic at many intersections with her disobedience. Anyhow, she took off and when the bike was out of reach she finally stopped and my heart breathed once again when I figured she would come back. She instead decided to rush out into the little highway close to us and stop a couple semis. Finally she decided to come to me and alas she was back on her leash but it was an ordeal. Don't know why she's so disobedient but she's learning. Two months ago she wouldn't have come back at all so we're making headway. 

The kids are here in front of the Zrinski (Prince over this area ions ago) memorial in our town. 

Finally we send greetings from our center of town. See our lovely red, white and blue flag in the background. 
We were excited to make it to the Post yesterday and send the Winkler Express on it's way to West Africa. Too cool. Thanks Winkler family for letting us join in the fun!



  1. When Christa was a girl and we were in the Azores, someone sent us one. We had so much fun!

  2. What a cute idea! I loved the photos and I'm glad your dog is okay. :)

  3. How fun! I figured you had to be the ones in Croatia who were first up, since Rachel mentioned Croatia in her blog post!

  4. My husband went to Estonia for a choir tour while he was in college. He loved it there--I'll admit I had no idea where Estonia was when he first mentioned it!


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