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WTG! Monday & 6 Veggie Barley Soup

Whoohoo, it's WTG! Monday again!!! Man I have to tell you how worried distraught I was about losing this week. The first 4 weeks the weight was falling off but this week it didn't seem like that sinkin' (in a bad way) scale moved at all. I had resigned myself to defeat this week and my mind was busily planning my failure day foods. (btw, that's not a good thing) 

Anyhoo, you probably already figured out that I lost but you don't know how much! So, here goes....for my 5th weigh-in I lost.... (man I wish I could add a drum roll here)...2.5 lbs!!!! That makes my loss for the last 5 weeks 17 lbs! I'm so excited about losing this little ol' 2.5 lbs. It kinda messed up my plans for today though, guess I'll have to postpone but depression eating till next week. *Ü*

BTW, I included a link tool at the bottom of this post for you to link up. I'm so interested in all your success and how you deal with your set backs. Please add your link below even if you don't weigh-in on Mondays. 

Okay so I'm always looking for something that's really filling but low in calorie. So I started adding a ton of veggies to a pot with some seasonings and whala, 6 Veggie Barley Soup!

I started by sauteing a large onion, clove of garlic chopped fine and 4 carrots in a pot. I use butter flavored non-stick spray on a low flame.  oh yea and a teaspoon of mixed Italian seasoning. 

After your onions are almost transparent add a can or Rotel tomatoes. After this I let it cook for about 8 minutes to incorporate all the flavors.

Then I added 3 chicken bouillon cubes, 2 cups of frozen green beans and 100 grams of barley. I let this cook 20 minutes then I added 2 zucchinis sliced down the middle and then chopped pretty chunky and half a small head of cabbage.  Cook until the cabbage is almost translucent and it's done. Oh yea salt and pepper to taste. 
It's a great meal for when you just feel like eating everything in the house and maybe the house. The calorie count comes out to about 140 for about 2 cups of soup. Weight watchers had something similar years ago but without the barley and on the WW plan it was free, so you know this has to be good. 

So how did you do today? Did you learn anything that would help the rest of us? I'd love to hear about it. PLEEEEEZ link up below. Oh yea and would you please consider following my blog. *Ü*


Okay for my little link-up there are a few rules guidelines:

* Please only link posts about weight loss or Non-scale victories. 

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* And last but not least, please take my little link button and link back to me. 

WTG! Monday

Can't wait to read about you guys and about your successes!


  1. Congrats! You are doing great!

  2. Yay for you! As soon I start blogging about my weight loss efforts, I gain. So, I'll just quietly work and cheer for you. :) Way to GO!! =)


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