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I'm handicapped...when it comes to fashion

Hi, I'm Tori and I'm fashionably challenged.
But there is hope.
Have you found it? Have you? What am I talking about you ask, well Polyvore of course. I just stumbled upon it several years ago but didn't do anything with it but now, wow, now I totally see the worth of this cache of fashion greatness.
Like any other lady out there I like to look nice. I like to be well put together but honestly I'm a bit unenlightened when it comes to fashion. Now, any of you who really know me know that I'm serious about being modest. Modesty is important to me and it comes before fashion any day but If I can have them both then I'm all in.
So anyhow, there are tons of ideas on Polyvore. Hey I'm not awe-inspiring when it comes to combining stuff but I can shop from a photo.  Ü

Hey and it's a great tool for shopping your own closet. Like this outfit below, most of us have a khaki skirt and brown top, so we're already half way there.

Or like this cute little Sunday ensemble, I've got that skirt, So a little plum cardigan and ballet slippers and wallah.

Loving this gray sweater below. So many possibilities.

BTW, you can click on each of the above outfits and it'll take you directly to Polyvore and the account of the person who created it. You can follow that person and get a feed of all her creations, it's very addicting. I created my own user and this adorable little green outfit was my first okay only creation.

I created a Pinterest board for all my Polyvore goodies. When we get to the states in April I think I'm gonna use my phone and shop this photos.

Hey maybe you're a fashion simpleton like me but there's hope. Polyvore and a host of talented, modest fashionistas are there for us. We can do this!!

Oh yea and I'm linking up with Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims for Your Whims Wednesday.



  1. :) I was just preparing a blog post where I mention the tenancy for IFBers to be fashion handicapped. (We like to buck trends!) I can say that 'cause I'm one of them. I didn't care about it that much until I laid on a little "extra baggage", which in my opinion, amplifies frump. Thanks for the heads up. I've noticed your posting these images on Pinterest.

  2. Adorable outfits! Love Polyvore! Also love the polka dot scarf! Have a great day! :)

  3. Thanks for the help! I can certainly use it! I've always been fashionably challenged! I don't like to wear what's perfectly "in" I like to wear what I like and what is comfortable ...and modest. But I would love to look put together.

  4. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I've seen Polyvore but don't know much about it...other than I've seen some really adorable outfits on it. Thanks for sharing this I'll have to check into it more.


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