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My Blog's Lost Purpose

The big move from Texas to Croatia was a huge adjustment. I had never been to another country or for that matter I had never even left the great state of Texas. Everything was new. Houses looked different, the food was drastically different, personal everyday life was different and not to mention the huge language shock. In those early years here EVERYTHING was new. We were constantly playing "I spy", everyday was new. It was like looking through a brand new picture book and every day was a new page. Back then our 3 kids were really kids, they were 2,4 and 7 when we arrived in Croatia. Not only was life a huge adventure for Johnny and I but the kids were finding new things to be amazed with daily.

So I started blogging to record the wonders of this new life. I blogged about making a home on the mission field and about learning to adjust. Well here I am years later, actually 13 years later and there's nothing new. It's all ol' hat and there isn't any new discoveries now. We may not be Croatian but we belong here for the most part. We know how to do everything, we know what not to do and it's a part of us now. The adventure is over, or at least is seems that way.

I could defiantly see a turning point in my blogging. I could tell when things slowly stopped amazing me. I was no long thrilled by the 2,000 year old architecture, the strange eats here didn't seem so strange any more, I could actually order sliced turkey at the meat counter and I learned to love their Turkish coffee.  So I slowly stopped blogging. I knew I needed new material but when everything seems ho-hum and you're not a big "sharer" then it becomes hard to find stuff to write about.

It's a bummer now that I think about it. I wish things were a little fresher for me, like it used to be but things change. The fact that life here is normal and I'm not dealing with daily culture shock should be a good thing. I should be happy with life as usual but somewhere inside I sure miss all the adventure. Life is turning for us, things are drastically changing and  guess I'm gonna have to get busy and create so new adventure. Hmm, maybe I'll end up with some blogging material, who knows.



  1. My blog has also evolved over time. I think it's a reflection of how I have changed...hopefully for the better! :) I enjoy reading your posts - whatever they are about! :)

  2. I have loved seeing all the pics of the area since I have been following your blog. I also enjoy your project posts. Remember that most of us reading have not been to Croatia so you are our only tie there. Look and see for us...through our eyes and maybe it will be new again. Share with us some more traditions there that haven't been shared that may be hohum to you but not to someone who hasn't been there. I used to really like your why I love Croatia posts a couple years ago and your "finds" from the flea markets. You are struggling some with veering towards empty nest so you might have a little depression going on which can cause writer's block. That can cause all kinds of blocks! I've been there.

  3. I love you blog and love how it has evolved. Like Tammy said above, for us it is the first tme we have ever "been" to Croatia! I really want to visit! Also, I think this blog is a wonderful place to send people that are preparing for the ministry. The fact that you are not so easily overwhelmed by your surroundings anymore, gives the new missionary wife hope for the future if she is struggling! Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you this way!!


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