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Wanna Do-s Someday Soon

Okay so we're settled in here in Croatia and I guess we should be after 5 months. We are slowly working on our house and been very busy with work here. Life is full but one thing is missing...CRAFTING!!! I have a craft room and every thing but haven't I haven't had time to get any crafts done. I would love to be productive. Just a few small things around the house that I'm make with my own hands. 

So here's my hope-list right now. I have so many other things that I want to do but these are totally doable for now. I'm gonna do my best to get at least one done each week. We'll see!. 
I absolutely love this painting.

How cute are these little branch hangers? They would look great bunched all together with or without something on the. 

Cereal boxes??? No way!

I'd love to do this with the print from each of my children. Gonna do it!

Don't have a link for this one but it's pretty self explanatory. Too cute!

How easy? Wish I could get the Clorox bleach pen, her in Croatia, can't but maybe I can figure something else out. The possibilities are endless!

I so need to do this. That's totally what my bedroom needs. Gonna do this for sure!

Okay, I love this!!! I have the stamps to do this all I need is some pennies! They're a little hard to come by here in Croatia. 

How easy and cheap is this!

What a great idea! Lovely. 

Great idea, I need one!!

I TOTALLY love this bag. I have the leather braided belt and everything, now I just have to fine a little time. 

I love this little cover for my New Testament. 

I love this! There's even a generator for this on the website. Great idea. 

So this is my list. I am really gonna try to get at least one done a week. I'll be posting them as I finish them. Here's to creativeness!



  1. Hi Tori! Some of your ideas look great! I have a Clorox bleach pen, and I'm not all that impressed with it. The bleach is still somewhat runny. I'm wondering if you couldn't mix a little thickener like cornstarch/tapioca starch with bleach to make a gel? then spread on with a paint brush or something similar? I hope you'll post lots of photos of your completed projects! Crissy

  2. I love all of these, makes me what to take off early from work and go crafting. =)
    I meant to e-mail you last week to let you know that I met your former pastor and his wife last week, Bro and Mrs Smith. What a sweet couple and he is a great preacher.
    Love & Prayers

  3. Hey Tori, Thought maybe you disappeared off the planet! Been missing you in bloggy world! Cool ideas. I like the pennies but I would change the lucky to blessed! Hope you make the time to achieve your goals.

  4. Your blog is really interesting! I love these little cool things so much! Keep it up!


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