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Mission conference 2012---FINISHED!0

Well another big event that I was dreading looking forward to is finally over. I love these special times in the churches but they are serious work and while I enjoy it while it's happening I'm always glad when it's over. 
We had a joint conference between the two churches so that we could use Dr. Bill smith as much as possible while he was here. We started out our conference in Cakovec (the first Independent Baptist Church in Croatia) and then we headed to Varazdin (the second church plant) for Thursday and Friday.

We came back together on Saturday in Cakovec for the international dinner and it was awesome. We had tables representing Asia, Africa, Australia, America and Europe. It was a feast. 

Below is the Varazdin group, don't know why they were all hoovered together, it didn't stay that way. 

Hannah had a ball dressing the part of a Japanese gal. 

It was a great time and in the new church plant there was enough money promised to take on one missionary and maybe even two. In Cakovec, the Faith Promise Missions was up by about $50 a month and we're pretty excited about that. 

It's amazing to be able to teach these wonderful people that the Great Commission was given solely to America, it's a world wide obligation. It's awesome to think that our little church in the Northern part of Croatia is reaching souls in Hungary and soon to be the Philippians too. 

Anyhoo, that's our mission conference 2012. Glad it came, had a ball, looking forward to next year!



  1. Awesome! BTW, how is your son doing in Bible College and staying in the states?

  2. I love missions conference too, it is one of my favorite times of year at our church. I loved seeing your pics too.

  3. I have been missing your blog posts. Do you have another one coming soon? Hope you are feeling better!



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