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My Sweet Valentine

Yesterday we had a Valentine Banquet at our church in Cakovec. We had a wonderful time! 
Here are a few random photos.
  Me and my honey! Our 21st Valentine's Day together. 

The teens were wonderful waiters. 

 The ladies team, the winners!

The losing team! Okay we're all winners, yea right. 

 Picture perfect!

Our crazy wait staff and the night's entertainment. HA!

The night's sermon, it was a wonderful sermon and even in English and Croatian so the Americans could enjoy it too. Since I heard the sermon in two languages you'd think I got it right, nah. 

I was so thrilled to open my Valentine present from Johnny. It's been so long since I even said anything about this thing that I can't believe that he even remembered. He's pretty special and I can't wait to get busy with my new Graphic Tablet, now I just have to learn to draw!



  1. Looks like ya'll had fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, Tori, those all look great! :) I'd be happy to send you the bleach pen, can you give me your address? Praying for you all!


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