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Taking advantage of the trip

 I have always been a little interested in the different styles of homes and their periods but have only learned a little from watching HGTV, while on furloughs :0). Anyhow, we're in Ohio now and I am loving the variety of homes in the area. It seems like every other home is from a different period and I was baffled. I mean, I do know what the Victoria home looks like, but I didn't know that there are 4 different periods of Victorian homes.

I've recently learned about the Georgian style house.

and the Colonials are pretty easy to spot too. 

But what about all the others; like the one below.

Or this beauty.
and this country cutie?
There are so many that I have no idea what they are. 

So, while visiting the Half Priced Book Store in Cincinnati I picked up this gem. 
I have had so much fun reading this book and finding matching styles along the way. (yes I'm a little weird that way and I do think it's fun) This book is so full of info and is really a beginners dummy guide. It's not exhaustive by any means but it's a great jumping off point. 
Sadly, it won't shed any light into styles below but for the normal, sometimes boring world of American homes this book is a keeper! 

No, the photo isn't upside down! :0)

Oh yea and just think how smart you will look while out garage-selling with girlfriends when you say, "Oh wow, look at that Stick Style Victorian. I tend to lean towards the late Georgian styles." HA! how fun!



  1. I am INSANELY JEALOUS of your book find!!!!! I would sell my dog for that book.....ok maybe not, BUT I would ((love)) to read it. I think I will ask the library to find me a copy. Have fun!!!

  2. That sounds like a *really* cool book! I like the fifth from the top, which I believe is a Craftsman style home. But they're all really pretty. :o)

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention, CONGRATULATIONS on losing 6.8 lbs. on your new program. Great job! :o)

  4. I love the pics and I love older homes! Ohio is great for it, so is Jersey!
    Miss you.
    BTW- what new program are you on?!

  5. Ok was that upside down house one you snapped a pic of or is it in the book? Architecture is very interesting to me --looking at it and I have always liked seeing the missionary's slide shows partly because of that.


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