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My Old Black Book

Okay, here's my old black maroon BOOK. Of all the things that belong to me my Bible is probably the most valuable. It's been with me for a long time and it is filled with memories and messages. 

I've had this KJ Bible since 1999. It was a gift from a church in Dearborn Heights, MI. They asked us to give them a few items we would like and they would try to get them for us for the missions conference. I had a Bible but it wasn't very nice and so I asked for a Bible and they gave me the Old Scofield Study Bible. I immediately fell in love with this Bible. It had great references in the back including a proper name concordance. I know that Scofield was off in a lot of places with his doctrine and I wouldn't suggest this Bible to a new Christian but for me it was great. 

I've personalized my Bible through the years. I have pictures of my family in the front and back. The above pictures are: 

(the left cover across the top and then bottom) 
Johnny reading his Bible in 1997 in Hungary on our survey trip to Croatia, My babies while we were on deputation, my family also while on deputation, my dear Daddy who died when he was 39, he's 38 in that photo.  

(the right side across the top and then bottom) 
the photo on our second prayer card, Joshua and Cody looking cool, and my sweetie

My Bible is filled with great quotes and sayings I have heard through out the years. I only have one signature in my Bible, that of Bro. McCracken's wife Nancy. I heard her testimony in a meeting in Romania and was so moved by her faith after a terrible crippling car accident. 

Anyhow, I have some pretty nifty sayings too. 

Treasures in Heaven are laid up as treasures on Earth are laid down. -Dr. Todd Lasseter (my pastor)

You can't clean a polluted well by painting the well house. -Dr. Bob W. Smith 

I'm narrow minded because I travel a narrow road. -Bro. Floyd, Fellowship Baptist, Jackson, MI

I'm not shouting on credit, I'm should on a "paid in full" bill. -Johnny Leslie

85% of being successful is simply being in my place. -Dr. Smith

I'm a nut but I'm screwed onto the right bolt! -unknown

You fall the way you lean. -Charles Wetherbee

Meekness: Having strength under control. -unknown

To be a missionary you don't have to cross the see but you do have to see the cross. -unknown

Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Jesus. -unknown

Stay in the Book till the Book stays in you. -Dr. Raymond Barber

I don't know how often Noah fell down in the Ark but I know he never fell out! -Dr. J.C. House

No man can ever be used of God until he's willing to be forgotten by all. -Veteran Missionary Jimmy Rose

If it doesn't move you enough to pray about it, don't whine about it! -Pastor Wes Bailey

A tear today is an investment in a laugh tomorrow. -Dr. Lasseter

A heart touched by grace brings joy to the face. -Dr. Lasseter

The church is not a museum of Saints. -Pastor Bocook

Anyhow, those are just some of the little sayings I have in my Bible. I love to go back every once in a while and read them all. They're like mini sermons!

I have on one of the front pages of my Bible this poem: 

There is a treasure,
Rich beyond measure, 
Offered to mortals today;
Some folks despise it, 
Some criticize it, 
Some would explain it away.

Some never read it, 
Some never head it, 
Some say, "It's long had it's day";
Some people prize it, 
And he who tries it, 
Finds it's his comfort and stay. 

God gave this treasure, 
Rich beyond measure, 
His Word, we call it today. 
Let us believe it, 
Gladly receive it, 
Read, mark and learn to obey. 

Over the name of each book I have the name in Croatian. Several years back I realized I didn't know all the names so I thought that would help, it did. 

Also above Genesis 1:1, I wrote DEAR TORI. Our preacher Dr. Smith preached once about the Bible being a love letter from God to us. He told us how he wrote in his Bible at Genesis 1:1: DEAR BOB and after Revelation 22:21 he wrote: LOVE, GOD. I loved this idea and I did the same with my Bible. It's a love letter to me from God!

My Bible is bilingual too. I have notes in both English and Croatian. I have many wise quotes from the national pastor, Rajko Telebar

And again on the back cover I have more photos. Actually a lot less than I used to have. I need to add some more current ones soon.

(the left cover across the top and then bottom) 
My best friend Amanda Rasbeary, Preachers wife in Wylie, Texas and I, Madison (Johnny's sister's oldest daughter), Johnny again, Madison and her little sister Kaitlyn (I super-love those girls)

(the right side top to bottom) 
Johnny again (can't get enough of him), and my Daddy back in 1976 sitting with Santa

Anyhow, that's my Bible. It means a lot to me, not only because it is God's inerrant, preserved Word but because it holds 12 years worth of memories. 

Anyhow, if you decided to share your Old Black Book, let me know so I can check it out!!


  1. If your Bible were blue and did not have photos of YOUR family, it could be mistaken for mine!!! I have only had my Bible for 7 years, but it is jam packed with lots of notes, prayers to the LORD, nuggets of knowledge and quotes gleaned from pastors over the years. It is falling apart, but I still tote it with me everywhere! I have looked into purchasing a new one, but I still haven't found one that feels juuuuuuust right. :) Just this morning my 14 yo made a comment about writing and highlighting in her Bible when she comes across something that jumps out at her. Happy Day!!! The newest addition to my Bible? Dear Jessica....Love, God! Thanks Tori!

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Wow, Tori - I have lots of notes & jottings in my bible - and quotes too, quick references etc. - I LOVE a used bible! But I've never added pics! Great idea. I love your quotes - I'd like to write some of those down.
    What a great post! I enjoyed it!

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I LOVE it when I can see inside other people's Bibles. And yours reminds me of a quote from a preacher I heard once (can't remember who) "A dirty Bible usually means a clean life."

    Oh and I have that very same Bible in the same burgundy color. I agree, Scofield wasn't right about everything, but his Old Testament notes (minus the gap theory) were really good. My favorite notes are the ones he has in the middle section about Lot---"He looked, he leaned, then he lived...." regarding his back-sliding.

    Of course I am kind of a King James Bible-a-holic, I probably have around 20 King James Bibles. I can't help it, some people collect knick-knacks, I collect KJ Bibles. The Rock of Ages study Bible is a really good one with excellent notes.

    My favorite of your quotes was:

    No man can ever be used of God until he's willing to be forgotten by all.

    That is so true!

    Blessings and Hugs!

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM

    I have never thought of jotting down quotes in my Bible. I heard a quote the other day I'm gonna have to write it in my Bible. So far it's in my head which is not always the safest place to jot a quote down LOL! Thanks for sharing it was a blessing to see you Bible.

  5. I loved reading about your bible. My own is so precious to me. I couldn't help but notice the quote from Bro.Jimmy Rose. He's scheduled to be in meeting with us at the end of September. Love Him.

  6. That's wonderful!What a great idea to share this. Those pictures were just precious. We love our Scofield Bibles! I use the references to what names mean and such quite often. My husband has written inside of his Bible this: "The Bible is illegal to own in 52 countries." It's a great reminder that the ability to read and study God's Word openly should not be taken for granted.
    I'm going to be writing down some of your quotes. Thanks, again! :0)

  7. I have a thing for Bibles and change them so often I never quite get any of them to look like they were loved like yours! Miss you

  8. Oh thanks for sharing! I love Nancy McCracken! She is a blessing! I have a Thompson-Chain Study Bible and I keep it in a carrying case where I tuck pictures, lesson ideas and pen and for underlining and writing down quotes, notes, etc. The only autograph in mine is my husband's. I decided a long time ago his was most important. I won't let any other preacher sign it. I love how Jon Jenkins (Grace Baptist in Gaylord MI) used to tell teens that wanted his that he wouldn't sign it unless their own pastor had already signed there's. I thought that was great. I was thinking the other day that I would hate to ever lose my Bible. It is truly irreplaceable. Not the Bible but the personalized stuff.


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