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Dreaming of Home

Well with home just around the corner I have been spending lots of time thinking, planning and even dreaming of home. Hey I know they mission field isn't about making a house beautiful but my personal mission field (my family) sure does appreciate it. Anyhow, we rented a home in Croatia before we left for furlough. We moved in and then 1 month later we flew back to the states. We really didn't have any time to decorate so the house sits as it was when we moved it. 

Anyhoo, I took photos of the house before we left so I would have some ideas of space, windows and layout. I'm gonna share them with you but don't be critical of the mess!

Below is our living room. I know it's so dark but we didn't have curtains so I had to keep the out door blinds closed because our neighbors were super close. 
Anyhow, I found a few photos I really like, some of them are not possible but I still like the feel in the room. 

Love the color of these walls and my couch is brown so that would actually go. 

I just love the vintage feel in this room. 

Don't know what all that stuff is, I just like it!

Like it!

This is our entryway, It's very typical for a Croatian house. Sorry it's so dark. We are going to strip all the wall paper off the walls and paint when we get back. The big, ugly glass door is gonna be a job. I was maybe thinking of using trim to make it look like a french door. Big project but it may be nice. 

I love this little idea for a foyer, I think it feels so natural welcoming. 

I like this one too!

This is our dining room, it's really small but it'll do for us. See all the snow outside? Man it really snowed right before we left. Isn't it purty?
Okay so I don't have any inspiration for the dining and living room. I would love to keep the wall color the same since we did it right before we left furlough.
Our kitchen is in major need of help. Since we are renting it we can't replace the cabinets but I would love to paint them. Any idea? The fact that they horizontal lines is a big of a bummer but I'm determined to make them work. 

Then lastly I love this bright yellow wash room and guess what, I have one, a washroom! How cool is that? Don't think I'll stencil but I love the brightness of this room. My washer and dryer are pretty similar too. 

Okay since you all are such faithful readers, I'm gonna give ya a bonus photo. This is the WORST room in our house. 

Are you ready?


Get ready for a blast from the 70-s European era. 

Guess I'll be doing a lot of this...

It's gotta be better than the green. I'm gonna try to take that whole wall of cabinets out, wish me luck!
Anyhow, these images have been filling my dreams lately along with dozens of dirty, little, smiling faces. Can't wait!



  1. You have a great ideas! I'm impressed that you can change a house that you rent so easily. People in these parts are kind of strict about rent houses.
    If I send you photos of my house, could you give me some ideas? :) By the way, we watched Random Harvest and LOVED it! Thanks for suggesting it!

  2. I know you are ready to be home by now and decorate that home of yours. Just in time for Christmas, Love the blueish colors you picked! :) Can't wait to see y'all again. Noah keeps asking when you are coming back.

  3. Love your ideas! And can't wait to help you tackle some of those projects. :)
    Sure do miss you and glad your homecoming is right around the bend!

  4. How soon do ya go back to Croatia? I have always found it strange that your landlords allow you to change so much as a renter. I guess if you are improving it they really don't mind. Doesn't happen that way in the states much. Or renters usually want it taken off the rent and therefore the landlord says no.

  5. Hi Tori-I hope you post pics of what you do! I saw these spectacular pictures of Croatia national park on the Daily Mail and thought you might like to see them.

  6. I love redecorating... looks like you have a ton of fun ahead.. cant wait to see the final products.

  7. posted a couple of pictures over on my blog! I will send them to your email SOON! It was SO great to finally meet you today!!!!! I wish our time could have been longer!

  8. I think you're ready to go home....!!

  9. I love the yellow laundry room -- so bright and cheery! I hope you'll post some "after" shots of your home in Croatia when you get some of those projects done. :o)


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