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Trip through Cajun Country

We took a little trip through Cajun country and got to take in a few of the local sites. 
 We passed up this gourmet eatery, little too rich for our tastes. :0)
 We went to the gator farm in Louisiana and got to ride one of those bad boys. Okay not really but it's about as close as I want to be to one of those unless it has two handles on it. 
 Gator food!
 Hey and there were plenty to go around too. 
Feeding time was something to behold and pretty terrifying too. 

 Can you say BIG?

 Hannah and Joshua all dressed up. 
 Hannah got a bit too close. 

More gator food. 

Anyhow we had a nice time in Cajun Country. We enjoyed seeing friends at Union Baptist Church in Florine and were pleasantly surprised that Evangelist Jim Brown is the pastor there now. Had a great time of fellowship. 



  1. Wow! We've been to that church!! Years ago. Small world. Looks like you're having a great time! :)

  2. Bleh- Lousiana is my least favorite state...but glad you found something fun to do. Miss you!

  3. Djeca su umirala od smijeha na ove (ne znam kako ih zovete) slike s vašim glavama. Najviše im se svidjelo kao su teta Tori i striček Johnny smršavili i jašu aligatora.


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