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We were so blessed to get to stop by Gulf Port, MS and check out the BEAMS Bible Ministry
BEAMS is an incredible ministry supplying Bibles to missionaries around the world. 
Beams is a wonderful ministry in the fact that it is a ministry to missionaries and not a business. Many times Bible ministries make the missionaries come up with a large part of the funds but BEAMS is a ministry that is free to the missionary. 
 We stayed in one of BEAMS hotel rooms on the grounds. It was so nice and praise the Lord for air conditioning; it's hot down here in Mississippi and especially after all the rains lately. 

 BEAMS warehouse
Hannah and Johnny packing French Bibles.
 Joshua busy doing his part too. 
 Bro. Joel, Filipino missionary to Cambodia and Caleb Carr trying to hide behind a Revival Fires paper. 

 Just some of the Bibles waiting to be shipped out to missionaries around the world. 
Almost 900,000 Bibles shipped around the world for the glory of God. 

If you don't already support a good Bible ministry, BEAMS is the one!!


  1. I am so grateful for all the ministries that make it their initiative to get God's word into the hands of people everywhere. I've never heard of this one; so thank you for sharing about it.

  2. LOVE BEAMS!! When the reps used to come to worth they would have bags and bags full of Bibles going all over the globe and they would say : "who wants to send these Bible to Uganda?" and some one would go get the bag. And so went all the bags going to Mexico, germany, etc. We always took 2 or 3 at a time. I remember at the PO it was M-bag, book rate, $1 a pound.

  3. BEAMS is a great ministry!


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