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Happy 16th Josh!

I can't believe we are celebrating Josh's 16th birthday already. It seems like yesterday he was running around naked through the house. Well not actually naked but we sure couldn't keep clothes on that kid. He was forever without at least one shoe and sock.
Anyhow, Josh is 16 now and I just wish I could turn back the clock for a few moments and hold little Joshy one more time. I know I can't so here are 16 things I love about the Josh we are blessed to have now.

1. Joshua is very smart.
2. He loves Jesus.
3. He is a hoot in a crazy sorta way.
4. He loves his brother and sister.
5. He is always ready to stand against the crowd if need be.
6. He is a positive kid.
7. Josh is very forgiving.
8. He makes friends very easily.
9. He loves his mother.
10. He has beautiful hazel/brown eyes.
11. Joshua is very good at math.
12. He's creative.
13. Joshua has a very tender heart.
14. He is a gentleman and always opens the door for his mother.
15. Joshua writes great books.
16. Joshua trusted Jesus at youth camp this year and he was very proud of that.



  1. Happy Birthday Josh!!

  2. I hope his birthday was wonderful! I love reading these kinds of lists that you do Tori. (o:

  3. Dragi Joshua, SRETAN TI ROĐENDAN. Kad sad vidim da već imaš 16 godina ne mogu vjerovati. Još uvijek pamtim onog malog dječaka koji je trčkarao oko zgrade stare crkve...uvijek nasmijan. Volim tvoj osmijeh i želim da znaš da nam nedostaješ. Često put kad drugu djecu uspoređujemo s tobom, ti si original i neusporediv.


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