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Oh where oh where are the Leslies?

So we're on our way to a little town just north of St. Augustine, Florida for yet another meeting. We're actually having a wonderful time reporting to our supporting churches and even meeting some new folks along the way.

I figured it out;
We will be gone a total of 98 days on this trip and on day 18 on our way to E. Palatka, 2 hours into our 6 hour journey I got bored.

I did the math and this 98 day trip is going to take us 5548 miles across this country of ours. All the way from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi,
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, N. Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and then back into Texas.

Those 5000 miles are gonna cost around $1,544. Wow, I knew it was a long trip but that's ridiculous! Anyhow, we're well on our way, and God has met all our needs along the way, He's so good!

I really miss Cody and I dreamed about Croatia last night. As blessed as we are to get to travel and see wonderful folks and sights, I think I'm getting ready to call it quits for this furlough. A couple more months to go, and we'll be headed home.

Anyhow, I thought I would share my van-work with ya. We'll be sleeping here in Florida and heading to Savannah tomorrow.

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Location:Somewhere on Interstate 10 in Florida


  1. I remember those boring car rides along the way during our travels. Thank God for technology! LOL

    Enjoy the rest of your journey. Are you going through Virginia or W. Virginia during the fall? It's beautiful as the leaves are changing.

    Can't wait to catch up and get to know you better when you return.

    Blessings :)

  2. Yeah, I dread all those miles! BOOO! Miss you!

  3. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Sounds like a looooooong trip!

    I bet you *do* miss Croatia.... (o:


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