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Yea it's the Week of Soul-Winning!

Hey now this gentleman may look a little "out there" but he definantly has the right idea.
This week at our home church is the Week of Soul-Winning. Everyday morning and night the church goes out and knocks on doors and gives folks the opportunity to be saved. 

I didn't make it yeasterday but today has been a great blessing already. My partner today was Jenette and she was a wonderful blessing to me. She is a new soul-winner and she told me she wasn't going to talk. She is bilingual with Spanish being her mother language and boy did I love it. Every time Johnny and I are in the area we go to our church soul-winning and we have been hitting one large apartment complex everytime we go. Sadly we only are able to talk to 50% of the occupants but not today. Today Jenette and I had them coming and going. The English speakers were stuck with me and Jenette got all the Spanish speakers. I was so excited for her because she was so new to door-knocking and today Jenette got to led two precious Hispanic ladies to the Lord personally. WOW, she's addicted now and she's gonna be my partner this week, yea me!!! Oh yea and I just want to thank the Lord for John, he's 12 years old and sharp as a tack. He asked Jesus to save him this morning and he was so sincere. 

Anyhow, I thought I would give a little update. We're about to head out again so I'm praying that God will save folks despite the mared vessels He'll be using tonight.

UPDATE: As of this morning (6-22) our family (minus Josh, he's been sick) has had the privilege of leading 11 people to the Lord. Hannah had a 19 year old lady saved last night and she even came back to the church to be baptized immediately. Hannah's first soul saved and baptized! God sure is good!



  1. Good to hear!
    We had 62 kids today --our first day of VBS! It was great!! Miss you!

  2. Praise the Lord!! Can you spare some time to help us here in Hope? lol! ;) So glad you are souls saved even on furlough! No time off for the Christian! :)

  3. Awesome news Tori!!! What a blessing!! :) Hurry back soon.

  4. Wonderful!!! So often, Tori, your posts bring tears to my eyes. It is heart warming to see how ya'll serve the Lord. You have great kids!


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