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A very proud Mama

This year the Joshua and Hannah got to go to teen camp for the first time ever. They have been to teen camp in Croatia before but it's not quite the same for them.
Anyhow they went to camp at Lake Texhoma and some great things happened. While both Hannah and Joshua made decisions for the Lord, Joshua made the most important. Joshua went to the front during one of the invitations and asked Jesus to save him. He thought he was saved but apparently he wasn't. Praise the Lord for Joshua's tender heart and the great thing God did in his heart.

Wednesday night Joshua was baptized at our home church in Arlington, Texas and we're so proud of him. Here are just a few photos.

Bro. Ricky Gonzales, our Spanish pastor was baptizing that night since it was the week of soul-winning. 

There is no greater blessing than to know my children are saved. Praise the Lord!!!


  1. So happy for Josh and Hannah!! Glad they got to go and have a wonderful time(and Matthew too!) :) Miss you!

  2. That is so awesome!! How exciting! I know he is so glad to have things settled & to know for sure he is on his way to heaven!

  3. Amen-what a blessing to read!

  4. Wonderful news about Josh!! Glad they had a great time. How great is our God!

  5. I can imagine how happy your family was for Josh. I know Hannah was excited. Camp was great!
    On a different note I wanted to let everyone know what a great friend Tori is to me. She arranged a surprise I will never forget! Thanks. By the way I loved the red nails my husband I are opposite he likes the natural and I like the wild risky nails. Anyway now I am caught up on your blog for now.

  6. Praise the Lord! It was such a blessing to see him get saved!!! Camp was a blessing!!! I can only imagine how glad you guys must be for Josh. I know Hannah was excited.
    On a different note just to say what a great best friend I have in Tori. Thanks for arranging a surprise I will never forget! Oh and I liked your nails but my husband is opposite I like the wild risky nails and he likes natural. Now I am caught up on your blog again. Amanda

  7. Praise the Lord! When they get it settled in their own heart it makes all the difference.


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