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Lady-like First Lady?

I don't seem to remember any of our First Ladies of the past in any photos like this. Hmmm, maybe she's a different sort of first lady, could be . 

1. Like a lady in manners; genteel; well bred.
2. Soft; tender; delicate.

Lady like?? Not quite.


  1. What was she doing.... exercising? I can't tell in the picture. She isn't my favorite First Lady.

  2. Almost every time she is shown in pictures she is not typical as a lady or first lady. I think she tries too hard to be one of the folks. Even tho I know most of our former presidents drank I don't enjoy seeing pics of Obama drinking a beer at the basketball game. I'm pretty sure the Bible says that alcohol is not for leaders. And I'm pretty sure SOMEONE will have a negative comment about my comment.

  3. I guess I am not very lady like... I do push-ups. :)


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