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Back to school

Well with Cody graduating on Friday and 1/3 part of my mothering seeming to be almost over I've been thinking. Have I equipped my children spiritually and physically enough for them to make it as adults? I remember being a young lady and not knowing a lot of what I should have known.

Anyhow, Cody will be moving into the dorms before long and I'm checking to see that I have all the bases covered. Here's a great list from Margery D. Rosen, Family Circle, how many can you check off?

To help our kids become happy adults, we have to give them the gift of competence. Kids who can handle everyday tasks, from laundry to banking, are happier and more confident. Whether they're still under your roof or heading off to college, it's never too late to start teaching them how to be self-sufficient.

Food Skills
use a microwave
plan and shop for a healthy diet
read nutrition labels and know what's good and what's not
prepare, serve and store food to avoid spoilage
cook a well-balanced meal
know which kitchen tools and equipment to use for which tasks

Money Skills
make a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it
use an ATM
open, use and balance a checking account
apply for a credit card and use it responsibly
save up to buy a desired item
set aside money for charity
keep track of important papers

Clothing Skills
sew on a button
mend a seam
iron garments
fold and put away clothing
follow fabric-care labels
do laundry, including treating simple stains
wash and dry items by hand
fold clothes
pack a suitcase

At-Home Skills
find the circuit breaker and use it
locate and use water and furnace shutoffs
use a fire extinguisher
perform basic first aid
fix a running toilet
do laundry, including treating simple stains
use all household appliances, like loading the dishwasher the right way

-By Margery D. Rosen, Family Circle



  1. WOW!! Are my kids in trouble! I can't even do half of them ;) hehe kidding! miss you!

  2. Boy, you have been posting alot lately! Good! I hadn't been blogging much lately. Have been very busy. I wondered often about whether I had prepared my kids enough and realized when Jenny went off first that we hadn't. - Not about some important things we hadn't considered. That's when covering them in prayer like never before comes into play. Now, after 9 months in her first apartment in Arkansas she is home and then moving to Seattle in another week. It is so far away but I know she has to do it and I have to let her go. 31 hour drive from Missouri to there!


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